Using backup care for children, adults just got easier

The Backup Care program for children and adults has been improved for Johns Hopkins employees, with a flat, low co-pay. You no longer need to seek reimbursement for the cost of care; instead, you can use a credit card to pay these salary-based co-pays:

  • $6/hour for employees earning under $40,000
  • $8/hour for employees earning $40,000–$74,999
  • $10/hour for employees earning more than $75,000

Employees can use 10 days of in-home care, in any combination for children and adults, per fiscal year.

Maybe your child's school is closed for a holiday, planning day, or vacation, and you need to work. Or your mother who lives in another state needs home care after an injury. After pre-registering on the Work, Life and Engagement website and enrolling at Care@Work, you can arrange for backup care through The world's largest online network of caregivers for children and adults, the company conducts thorough background checks to ensure highest quality service.

Employees who used the Backup Care program before July 1, 2016, must enroll on the Care@Work website to continue reserving backup care.

If you need assistance, contact Essence Pierce at or call 443-997-7000.

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