10 ways to keep up with everything at JHU

Whaaat? You didn't know your committee colleague had received a big honor? That you can catch Peabody performances and timely talks when you're on the road or stuck at home with a cold? Or that you can get discounts at stores (Brooks Brothers, anyone?), attractions (Six Flags, Disney World, shows in Vegas and NYC), sports venues (go O's!), and much more?

Here are 10 things you can do to make sure you stay on top of everything going on at the university.

  • Check the Hub, our comprehensive online news source, throughout the day for both internal and external news about Johns Hopkins, as well as an events calendar for all campuses. Subscribe to receive Hub Headlines in your inbox three times a week.
  • Explore Hub at Work, the Hub's special section devoted to employees, to find news, tools, and resources to make your workday better—and funday discounts, too.
  • Sign up for Today's Announcements, a daily email about events and classes being offered, deadlines you need to know about, and studies you may want to participate in.
  • Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Check out our YouTube channel for videos about health, science and technology, engineering, politics, society, engineering, public health, and the arts and humanities.
  • Receive alerts about events from across the university that we're live streaming by signing up for our Ustream channel.
  • Look for HR NewsWire, bringing important human resources information to your inbox on the third Tuesday of the month.
  • Keep up with what's going on in the neighborhoods surrounding our campuses by checking out our community website.
  • Sign up for our Emergency Alert system to be notified by text message of any concerns on or around our campuses.
  • And if you're an alum, make sure to subscribe to JHUpdate, a monthly email featuring news about the university and our alumni association. And dive into stories in depth in Johns Hopkins Magazine.

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