Weight Watchers' new Beyond the Scale program—50% off

With its new Beyond the Scale program, Weight Watchers has changed. Out: just counting calories. In: building an active, happier lifestyle.

Beyond the Scale delivers a holistic and personal approach that meets you where you are to inspire healthy food choices, help you discover fitness that fits, and fuel inner strength.

The program introduces SmartPoints using the latest nutritional science. Beyond the Scale includes more lean protein, fruits, and vegetables, and less sugar and saturated fat, and emphasizes that healthy choices are easier to make when people feel happy and confident.

The new Weight Watchers offers a more personalized program through innovative concepts such as FitBreak, an app that turns moments of downtime into uptime, and Connect, a social tool for instant access to the Weight Watchers community.

Johns Hopkins University partners with Weight Watchers to offer benefits-eligible employees 50 percent off Weight Watchers programs, including Weight Watchers online and Monthly Pass for both workplace meetings and unlimited community meetings.

To purchase your membership or for more information, go to the Johns Hopkins Weight Watchers page

For information about setting up a workplace meeting for your location, email wellnessprograms@jhu.edu.