Managing Cancer at Work offers support groups

Managing Cancer at Work—a one-of-a-kind program developed by a team at Johns Hopkins—is designed specifically to help faculty and staff who are dealing with a cancer diagnosis, are caring for a loved one with cancer, or want to proactively prevent cancer.

The program offers information on a full range of care that covers prevention, early detection, treatment, and survivorship.

Two support groups are offered each month—one for those with a cancer diagnosis, on the first Wednesday; and one for caregivers, on the second Wednesday. Each group meets at noon in Room 2092 of the Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center on the East Baltimore campus, and participants are welcome to bring their lunch. Marie Borsellino, the nurse navigator, facilitates the groups.

To learn more, go to the Managing Cancer at Work website and use the PIN 6229 to access the employee and manager sites. The website includes videos and other media that explain how the program can help faculty and staff.

Managing Cancer at Work is provided at no cost as part of the Johns Hopkins benefits package.

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