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Credit: Will Kirk / Johns Hopkins University

Undergraduate admissions

Johns Hopkins welcomes more students to its Class of 2028

259 students in the Early Decision II cohort join 550 students admitted during the first Early Decision period in December

Two-hundred fifty nine students from 18 countries, 26 states, and one U.S. territory were offered admission to the Johns Hopkins University undergraduate Class of 2028 in the Early Decision II cohort today, joining 550 students admitted in the first Early Decision period in December.

"In these students we see genuine academic curiosity and a readiness to engage with new perspectives that will allow them to thrive in our community," said Calvin Wise, deputy dean of undergraduate admissions. "In them, the Class of 2028 already represents the most talented, engaged students from around the world."

"We look forward to the questions they will ask, the discoveries they will make, and the impact they will have as Blue Jays."
Calvin Wise
Deputy dean of undergraduate admissions

The cohort includes the author of an award-winning children's book on immunology, the leader of a government-backed effort to reduce single-use plastics in Korean caf├ęs, a violinist who performed at Carnegie Hall, and twin sisters who founded a program introducing neuroscience and psychology to middle and high schoolers around the globe. Members of this group of admitted students have also spoken at United Nations conferences, published collections of their poetry, supported family members and tutored their peers, presented their research, filed for patents, and launched businesses.

Their high school teachers and counselors describe them as curious learners and critical thinkers. Fearless in their pursuit of knowledge, they not only set ambitious goals but attain them. Their passions extend beyond the classroom, where they are already making an impact on the people and systems around them. During high school, 93% held part-time jobs, internships, or summer jobs; 62% were active in the arts; 60% were involved in athletics; and 52% were involved in policy, civic engagement, or advocacy work, showing their initiative to drive change in their communities.

Of the admitted students, 23% will be the first in their families to go to college and 51% speak a language other than English at home. 66% plan to enroll in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and the remainder plan to enroll in the Whiting School of Engineering.

"Already, these students are poised to make an impact on our campus communality," Wise said. "We look forward to the questions they will ask, the discoveries they will make, and the impact they will have as Blue Jays."

The remainder of the Class of 2028 will be admitted from the Regular Decision applicant pool on March 20.