It's time to sign up for your 2023 benefits

Review your current coverage and take advantage of the enrollment resources available to help you make smart choices

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JHU reviews its benefits each year and strives to provide a comprehensive program that's as diverse as its workforce. Balancing your work and personal needs while maintaining your health, financial goals, and overall well-being can be challenging, and that's why the university is committed to offering you an array of benefits and services to support you in all aspects of your life.

Benefits enrollment runs from Wednesday, Oct. 12, through Friday, Oct. 28. You are encouraged to review your current coverage and take advantage of the enrollment resources available to help you make smart choices for the coming year. Outside the annual benefits enrollment period, you can make changes only if you have a qualified life event, such as getting married or having a baby.

For 2023, the university will continue to offer you the same comprehensive medical options that were available in 2022 and which allow you to choose the plan that makes the most sense for you. As previously announced, the BlueChoice HMO (available to current participants only) will be phased out as of January 2023 for non-bargained employees; it will continue to be available for bargaining unit employees.

Many other benefits offerings, including dental, vision, and life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance, also remain unchanged for 2023.

You are encouraged to learn all you can about your health plan options so you can make informed decisions that will allow you to maximize your university benefits.

What's new for 2023

Effective July 1, 2022, the employee assistance program—now known as JHEAP, for the Johns Hopkins Employee Assistance Program (formerly mySupport/FASAP)—is being administered in collaboration with Corporate Counseling Associates, or CCA. Enhancements include more support with finding a counselor and ongoing case management check-ins, a more diverse provider network, more free counseling sessions, and an improved participant experience.

The tuition assistance program has been enhanced to help make your higher education more attainable and affordable.

While the university continues to work to manage rising health care costs, you will see some modest increases for 2023. As in years past, JHU will absorb a large share of the increases to help mitigate costs to faculty and staff members.

The maximum employee contribution to health care and limited purpose flexible spending accounts is expected to increase for 2023, so it's important to plan your contributions carefully. Any unused 2022 funds of $30 up to $570 at year-end will be rolled over for use in 2023. The rollover limit is also expected to increase for 2023 and will be announced soon. As a reminder, you must re-enroll in the health care or limited purpose flexible spending accounts or the dependent care flexible spending account each year. Remember: To expedite the substantiation process, you should save your receipts even if you are using the debit card.

Contributions to the health savings account (available to participants in the high-deductible health plan medical option) will increase for 2023—up to $3,850 per individual and up to $7,750 per family (including the JHU contribution). If you are currently enrolled, remember that you must reset your HSA contribution for 2023.

For those using the commuter benefit, monthly pretax spending limits for parking and mass transit are expected to increase for 2023 and will be announced soon. You will continue to make your monthly elections in the JHU Benefits & Worklife myChoices enrollment site. Transportation passes will be purchased online at

As the university is committed to helping families attain affordable and high-quality child care, it is increasing the award amounts for its child care scholarships for 2023 and has made adjustments to the adjusted gross income requirements.

JHU is also committed to helping you achieve financial well-being. As the transition to TIAA is now complete, the university is announcing that in early 2023 it will introduce another enhancement to the retirement program: a Roth contribution option that will allow you to contribute to the JHU retirement plan on an after-tax basis. More information on this addition, including when you can make contribution elections, will be available in the coming months.

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