Johns Hopkins suspends all spring study abroad programs for undergraduates

New coronavirus advisories prompt decision to return students to permanent residences

In light of new developments with the spread of COVID-19, Johns Hopkins University is suspending undergraduate participation in spring 2020 study abroad programs worldwide, officials announced today.

The university is asking students enrolled in programs in continental Europe to return to their permanent residences by Wednesday, March 18, and for students in programs in the United Kingdom, South America, Africa, and Oceania to return by Monday, March 23.

"We recognize this is a period of tremendous stress and we will do our absolute best to support you through this transition," JHU officials wrote in a letter to study abroad students today.

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The action was prompted by the elevation of geographic locations in Europe to Level 3 risk by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, along with a Global Health Advisory issued by the Department of State on March 11. With many areas around the world experiencing COVID-19 outbreaks, governments are taking actions to limit and restrict travel, and some locations are experiencing delayed or disrupted coronavirus testing and treatment.

Students returning from Level 3 travel locations are asked to adhere to the CDC's recommendations for a 14-day period of self-isolation and monitoring. On Tuesday, the CDC updated the Level 3 list—previously China, Iran, Italy, and South Korea—to include 29 countries in Europe.

JHU students studying abroad are encouraged to contact the university travel service for help with travel arrangements, at or 1-888-433-2556, referencing "travel arrangements for JHU study abroad."

Students are also advised to make the Office of Study Abroad for individual consultations on other details, including the continuation of their spring semester curriculums. The Office of Study Abroad will consult with each student individually.