Ten Johns Hopkins faculty, students, and alumni named to 30 Under 30 list

Annual 'Forbes' list recognizes outstanding leaders, scientists, artists, and entrepreneurs

Hopkins affiliated people on Forbes' 30 Under 30 list

Image caption: The Forbes honorees from Johns Hopkins are (top row, from left): Alexander Schiffhauer, Melanie Shimano, Jean Fan, Arthur Kuan, Kunal Parikh, (bottom row, from left) Bryan Patenaude, Emma Needell, Tamer Morsy, Kenneth Harris, and Alyson Friedensohn

Ten individuals with ties to Johns Hopkins have been named to Forbes' 30 Under 30 list, an annual celebration of young entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders. Each year, experts in 20 fields narrow down more than 15,000 nominations to a final list of 600 honorees.

In this year's list, university faculty, researchers, students, and alumni have been named to the list's Consumer Technology, Education, Healthcare, Hollywood & Entertainment, Science, Media, and Social Entrepreneur categories.

The honorees with ties to Johns Hopkins are:

Alexander Schiffhauer

Category: Consumer Technology | Read Forbes profile

After receiving a computer science degree from Hopkins in 2013 and a master's in 2015, Schiffhauer began working with Google on some of their most popular photo tools. He has contributed to features including Portrait Mode and HDR+, and led development of Google's Night Sight camera feature on Pixel.

Melanie Shimano

Category: Education | Read Forbes profile

Shimano, a Hopkins graduate and lecturer in the Whiting School of Engineering, founded the Food Computer Program, which encourages middle and high school students to apply skills in computer programming, engineering, and design to real-world challenges, such as food deserts.

Jean Fan

Category: Healthcare | Read Forbes profile

Fan has been recognized for her development of computational methods to study the role of cellular spatial context in cancer. A 2013 graduate of Johns Hopkins University, she will join the faculty as an assistant professor in 2020.

Arthur Kuan

Category: Healthcare | Read Forbes profile

Kuan is the CEO of Cold Genesys, a Californian biotech company that genetically modifies viruses to attack cancer and bolsters immune systems against the disease. Kuan received his master's in biotechnology from Hopkins in 2016.

Kunal Parikh

Category: Healthcare | Read Forbes profile

As a research associate at Johns Hopkins, Parikh leads a team working to find and commercialize biomedical solutions for unmet medical needs.

Bryan Patenaude

Category: Healthcare | Read Forbes profile

Patenaude, an assistant professor at the Bloomberg School of Public Health, is a health care economist working on quantifying the economic return on investment for vaccines in 94 countries.

Emma Needell

Category: Hollywood and Entertainment | Read Forbes profile

Needell, who received her bachelor's degree from Hopkins in 2012, is a screenwriter, producer, and director. Her 2015 screenplay The Water Man is currently in post-production, with David Oyelowo directing and Rosario Dawson and Alfred Molina cast in lead roles.

Tamer Morsy

Category: Media | Read Forbes profile

Morsy, a Hopkins grad student studying data science, is the founder and CEO of Spotlight Media Labs, which distributes local and college newspapers. The company has developed an app that allows readers to access news, while sharing 70% of revenue with newsrooms.

Kenneth Harris

Category: Science | Read Forbes profile

As a senior satellite engineer at NASA, Harris has worked on projects including the James Webb Space Telescope, Global Precipitation Measurement Satellite, and the Centauri mission. He began working for the agency at 16 and received a master's degree in engineering management from Johns Hopkins in 2017.

Alyson Friedensohn

Category: Social Entrepreneurs | Read Forbes profile

As the co-founder of Modern Health, a digital mental health start-up, Friedensohn is working to remove the stigma around therapy. The business offers psychological assessments, remote therapy sessions, career coaching, and guided meditation for companies like Pixar, Gusto, and Nextdoor. She received her master's degree from Hopkins in 2012.

Editor's note: Tamer Morsy was omitted from an earlier version of this article. The Hub regrets the oversight.