Daniels sends message on Supreme Court's recent immigration ban decision

In a message to the Johns Hopkins University community today, JHU President Ronald J. Daniels expressed continued support for the university's international students, faculty, and staff in the wake of this week's Supreme Court decision that upheld an executive order blocking entry to the U.S. by individuals from seven countries.

The full text of his message is below.

Dear Johns Hopkins Community,

As you know, this week the Supreme Court rendered its long-awaited decision regarding the legality of the president's immigration order. With four justices dissenting, the Court supported the president's position and upheld the travel ban.

You may recall that earlier I shared my concerns that this order serves to erect barriers to entry based on religious affiliation rather than demonstrated national security threats. I expressed my fear that the ban compromises the founding principles of our pluralistic society, particularly our stated commitments to openness, to freedom of expression, and to opportunity for all.

Despite later modifications to the order, I remain profoundly troubled by its impact on our nation, our universities, and, above all, on the people whose lives and aspirations it has and will continue to disrupt. We will continue to support and champion our international students, faculty, staff, and patients. The university's Office of International Services stands ready to provide guidance and assistance.

And as a community, we will remain vigilant in our role as a beacon to all those who would contribute to the pursuit of truth and the advancement of ideas and discovery that benefit humankind.


Ronald J. Daniels

For more information on services, please contact the Office of International Services. JHU international students, faculty, staff, residents, and fellows with immigration-related questions should contact OIS either during walk-in hours or by email at ois@jhu.edu. In addition, OIS maintains an emergency line for immigration and border-related emergencies outside regular office hours, which members of the JHU community may reach at 443-240-1938.