Congrats, new Jays! Johns Hopkins welcomes first members of its undergraduate Class of 2022

610 high school students offered early admissions from record applicant pool of 2,037

Large white paper lanterns hang over atrium space

Image caption: The sun-drenched atrium at Gilman Hall, the first academic building at Johns Hopkins University's Homewood campus.

Credit: Will Kirk / Johns Hopkins University

A talented and diverse group of 610 high school students who applied for early admission to Johns Hopkins University were offered admission today, making them the first members of the undergraduate Class of 2022.

In choosing to apply early admission, these students identified Johns Hopkins as their top choice and committed to attend if admitted.

The 2,037 applicants represent a slight increase from the record number who applied early decision last year. Of the 610 applicants, 29 percent intend to study in the Whiting School of Engineering and 71 percent are interested in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences.

The new students will bring a variety of impressive academic and extracurricular accomplishments with them to Baltimore.

The pool includes a student who started a "Code Like a Girl" program to encourage girls to pursue technology careers; a student who developed educational programming for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Teens Take the Met; and a keeper of honey bees. There is also one of the youngest players on the international competitive fiddle scene; the founder of "Tunes for Treatment," a music therapy program for cancer patients; and a mountain unicyclist.

Given the increased focus on the undergraduate experience at Johns Hopkins, it's exciting to see how many high school students are putting Johns Hopkins at the top of their college lists, said Ellen Kim, dean of undergraduate admissions.

"These are students who value collaboration, are ready to create change, and are eager to make a social impact," Kim said. "They exemplify the values of Johns Hopkins, and we're all excited to see what they bring to our campus community."

Students who applied early decision can view admissions decisions at mydecision.jhu.edu.

The remainder of the Class of 2022 will be selected from the regular-decision applicant pool. Regular decision applications are due by 11:59 p.m. EST on Jan. 3. Admissions decisions will be announced in mid-March.