School of Nursing video highlights the changing face of nursing

#WeGotThis campaign has been shared more than 5,000 times by schools, associations, individuals around the world

The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing has launched a new campaign flipping the script on the public perception of the nursing profession.

Video credit: Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing

The international campaign, #WeGotThis, explores the changing face of nursing. Not only do nurses work in hospitals and in their own practices, but they work in education, law, and government. They work in developing countries. They are investigators, researchers, first responders, and teachers. And they can be doctors, too.

"Nursing is undergoing an extraordinary transformation, and the profession will never look the same. While we know this and see it in the work we do every day at the School of Nursing, there is a profound need to educate the general public about the changing landscape and expanding opportunities," wrote Patricia Davidson, dean of the School of Nursing, in an email launching the campaign earlier this month. "As the breadth and impact of our work increases, so does the need to recruit and retain nurses and faculty—crucial elements during a nursing shortage throughout the world."

The campaign features a short video of real nurses reading an original poem by artist Sandra Beasley. The video's behind-the-scenes companion piece features those same nurses talking candidly about their experiences. "Nursing is not just a one-track career," says one nurse.

The campaign website also features curated write-in Facebook responses by nurses from around the world describing their passions for their careers.

But without examining the campaign website closely, it would be difficult to tell that it came from Johns Hopkins.

#WeGotThis was intentionally separated from the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing brand—the highest ranked graduate school of nursing in the U.S., according to U.S. News & World Report—so that others could use and share the video. Since its launch on Oct. 3, the campaign has been shared more than 5,000 times by schools, associations, and individuals around the world.

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