Flight of the Gofriller: Famous cello gets first-class treatment on flight with Peabody musician

Amit Peled shows how he transports nearly 250-year-old instrument once owned by renowned cellist Pablo Casals

Cellos, as you may know, like causing a ruckus on international flights. Especially, it seems, historic Gofriller cellos, manufactured in the early 1700s.

Video credit: Amit Peled

It's best if they are buckled, head-down, in their own seats with a harness, explains Peabody cellist Amit Peled in a short video the musician made while pre-boarding an Air Canada flight. Tony, an employee of the airline, straps down the 283-year-old instrument—once owned by renowned cellist Pablo Casals—while Peled praises the airline for how nicely they treat cellos, despite the fact that Gofrillers "like to jump off their chair during the flight and eat the passengers."

The upside to traveling alongside one of the most famous (and rowdy, apparently) instruments in the world? Early boarding, Peled says.