Johns Hopkins honors sustainability efforts with campus-wide Earth Week celebration

Student groups, campus offices, and green-conscious organizations from across Baltimore celebrated Earth Week on Wednesday with a midday event recognizing sustainability efforts at Johns Hopkins University.

The event featured giveaways, a hug-a-tree photo contest, and an awareness booth advertising the Meatless Monday campaign—which originated at JHU's Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Real Food Hopkins, a student group committed to bringing local and sustainable food to campus, hosted Veg Fest, a cooking competition pitting teams of students and local chefs or staff against one another.

The smell of sautéed veggies lingered across the Keyser Quad as the teams crafted light, refreshing meals with locally-sourced, seasonal veggies as the main ingredient. All of the dishes were available to sample at the event.

A kale and quinoa salad with root vegetables took first prize. Another favorite was the sweet potato mushroom Banh Mi.

"We're thankful for all the groups and partners that have come out to participate and engage the campus and the university on a range of sustainability issues," said Ashley Pennington, senior program coordinator for the JHU Office of Sustainability. "It's a celebration of how far we've come since starting this program and how we can keep moving in the right direction."