A thank you message from Johns Hopkins University President Ron Daniels

Video: David Schmelick, Deirdre Hammer, Kenny Carter, and Meg Magagna

We've done big musical productions, a massive choreographed dance number, and a simple e-card, but we've never done anything quite like this.

Johns Hopkins University President Ronald J. Daniels

Image caption: President Ronald J. Daniels

This year's installment of the president's annual "Thank You" video features nearly 400 people (plus one Blue Jay) filmed at more than 80 distinct locations representing 10 divisions—all jam-packed into a one-minute, 20-second message of overwhelming gratitude.

The year-end "Thank You" video, a tradition that began in 2009, is President Ronald J. Daniels' way of saying thanks to everyone whose contributions (big and small) make what we do here at Johns Hopkins University possible.

The idea for this year's video was inspired by the work of Australian filmmaker Rick Merecki, whose globetrotting "Move" video has been viewed nearly 19 million times on Vimeo and YouTube.

"For your dedication to our university, to the world of ideas, and to those we serve, you have my boundless thanks," Daniels wrote in a message to members of the Johns Hopkins community. "Your energy, creativity, and pursuit of discovery are unmatched, and, simply put, our world is better for it.

"So from my family to yours, best wishes for a happy and safe new year. I hope you enjoy this year's video message."

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