Two JHU Applied Physics Lab scientists receive early career awards from Maryland Academy of Sciences

Two scientists from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory were among four individuals honored last week by the Maryland Academy of Sciences and the Maryland Science Center for their substantial contributions to science and engineering communities early in their careers.

Jason Benkoski, a principal scientist at APL, was one of two recipients of the Outstanding Young Scientist award. Benkoski's work includes improving state-of-the-art paints by adding self-healing and corrosion protection properties with nano and micro-material innovations.

Morgana Trexler, an expert in biomaterials, applied nano-materials, and the computational modeling of mechanical behavior in materials, received one of two Outstanding Young Engineer awards. She has contributed to APL's EyePATCH program, an effort to deal with battlefield eye injuries by using alternative treatment such as advanced hydrogels.

Two University of Maryland scientists—Marina Leite and Liangbing (Bing) Hu, both of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering—were also honored.

The awards recognize young Maryland residents who have distinguished themselves for accomplishments in science and engineering. Award recipients are chosen by members of the Maryland Academy of Sciences' Scientific Advisory Council, which provides expertise and content review to the Maryland Science Center.