Johns Hopkins kicks off fourth annual uniform drive for Baltimore City students

The fourth annual Johns Hopkins Adopt-a-Student Uniform Drive, coordinated by the Office of Work, Life, and Engagement, is under way.

With a contribution of $40, faculty, staff, and students can provide a Baltimore City Public School student with two new uniforms to begin the upcoming school year. Over the past three years, contributions from the program have allowed 1,400 students to start the school year with new uniforms.

"Baltimore schools that adopt a uniform policy do so to allow their students to focus on classwork, avoiding the distractions and frictions that can arise without standard attire," Johns Hopkins University President Ronald J. Daniels wrote in a message to the university community. "Students in uniform don't dwell on fashion competition or on differences in economic circumstances between themselves and their classmates; instead, they tend to see themselves as starting off the school year on an equal footing. They can see each other as partners in learning rather than rivals.

"Your donating to this cause will, I believe, give you great personal satisfaction," Daniels added. "Our donating as a group will reinforce and strengthen everything that Johns Hopkins is doing as an institution to support quality public education in Baltimore."

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