At JHU Intersession, beat winter blues with yoga, dance, and ... banjo?

Winter break personal enrichment courses offer something for everyone

Credit: Will Kirk / Johns Hopkins University

Is it just us or is winter vacation kind of boring?

Don't you wish there was something to DO? Something to LEARN?

Something like a beer appreciation class. Or a class that teaches you how to better blend your eye makeup. Or maybe a series of lectures on how to be a triathlete.

Well, guess what? You can learn all that stuff right here at Johns Hopkins during winter break!

(You may have seen that coming.)

Every winter during Intersession, Johns Hopkins offers personal enrichment courses for Hopkins students, faculty, staff, and their families. The courses are informal and noncredit and—did we mention?—totally awesome!

That's right: Awesome! Because at what other college can you learn how to ballroom dance, bartend, and workshop an original Broadway-style musical on the cheap? (Oh, and if you take that musical theater class, maybe Professor Joshua Reiter will wow you with a rap or his mad trapeze skills.)

Wine appreciation? We have that, too (of course, participants must be of legal drinking age).

We hear what you're thinking. What if you're not into that stuff? What if your thing is Really Weird Instruments That Most People Have Never Heard Of?

We've got you covered!

The hammered dulcimer, the Appalachian fiddle, the old-time clawhammer banjo: learn to play any of 'em, or all three! But if you only have time to learn one, we suggest it's the clawhammer banjo because then maybe Steve Martin will let you play a duet with him.

Maybe you're all about health right now—we made New Year's resolutions, too! Then you should check out the finance management lectures, or the weight-loss yoga classes, or you could get your sweat on in a hip-hop class taught by JHU's dance troupe SLAM.

We're not sure yet which classes we're going to attend. But we're sure that we're going to check out a few of them. If you see us there, say hello.

We're the ones that look like your computer.

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