Johns Hopkins students among most driven in the world, startup says

Rankings based on data compiled by London-based ViewsOnYou

Johns Hopkins students are among the most driven in the world, according to rankings released by the London-based startup ViewsOnYou.

JHU ranked sixth on the list, which was compiled using data gathered by the employer-employee matchmaking site.

ViewsOnYou creates personality profiles of registered users based on information from Facebook or LinkedIn, self reviews, and peer reviews. For the reviews, users rate themselves (or others) on a sliding scale on key traits that employers are looking for and that are based on standard psychological models. The site then pairs job seekers with companies whose current employees match their personality profiles.

"Culture fit in the workplace is an increasingly important factor, and behavioral traits are every bit as important as qualifications in today's workforce," said ViewsOnYou founder and CEO Ab Banerjee. "ViewsOnYou helps individuals discover their top traits, along with providing a real indication of the culture of top companies, and how they compare to each other. It helps individuals ... determine if they are a fit and highlights the traits that make them unique."

Personality profiles are based on 23 metrics that are grouped into three categories—how you work (energy), how you interact (interpersonal), and how you think (intelligence). Drive is one of the components of the "how you work" category.

Here are the top 10 colleges with the most driven students, according to ViewsOnYou's data:

1) University of California at Los Angeles

2) Vanderbilt University

3) London School of Economics

4) University College London

5) Stanford University

6) Johns Hopkins University

7) University of Cambridge

8) Northwestern University

9) Massachusetts Institute of Technology

10) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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