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Commencement 2016
'Real life is no joke'
Published May 18, 2016 Video
Filmmaker Spike Lee discusses threats to social justice in commencement address
Committed to Baltimore
Published April 13, 2016
University, health system urge Hopkins community to continue to find ways to strengthen, engage city
State of impairment
Published April 11, 2016
States must do more to help public universities innovate and prosper, Daniels writes / Bloomberg View

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Published Summer 2016
Published Summer 2016
The deeper you go, the funner it gets
Published Summer 2016
Modern symphony orchestra may not be a raucous experience, but that does not mean fun has been banished from the concert hall / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Lunchtime layups
Published Summer 2016
Dwight Watkins finds community on a Homewood basketball court / Johns Hopkins Magazine
The fun was out there
Published Summer 2016
For the first couple of months of freshman year, I spent my evenings breaking into buildings on campus / Johns Hopkins Magazine
STEM solutions
A boost for Baltimore?
Published May 20, 2016
STEM education can help breathe life into city's economy, Daniels says at national leadership conference
Daniels talks innovation at Milken conference
Published May 10, 2016 Video
President takes part in panel discussion on how universities can contribute to regional economic development
A time for change
Conversation to action
Published May 5, 2016
Final Redlining Baltimore event examines window of opportunity created by new leaders, invigorated activism
What I've Learned
The changing American family
Published April 26, 2016
A conversation with JHU sociologist Andrew Cherlin, who specializes in the study of marriage
Redlining Baltimore
Focus on wealth disparities
Published April 21, 2016
Panelists discuss barriers to economic inclusion in Baltimore
Staff profile
Faith and Ferguson
Published April 19, 2016
Asher Kolieboi, JHU's first-year assistant chaplain, expores the intersection of faith and social justice
Bike sharing
Published April 18, 2016
JHU alum's new book explores how the bicycle reshaped life in America
'Rise' revisited
Published April 14, 2016
Peabody's Judah Adashi brings his choral reflection on America's civil rights struggles to Baltimore
Finding her happy
Published April 11, 2016
For neuroscientist and author Wendy Suzuki, learning how exercise affects the brain has been a life-changing experience
BLocal can change local economic landscape
Published April 7, 2016
Initiative's co-chairs give overview of effort by 25 local businesses to create economic opportunities in Baltimore / The Baltimore Sun
Redlining Baltimore
Discussing discrimination, past and present
Published April 7, 2016
JHU's 21st Century Cities Initiative hosts first of four conversations on Baltimore's deep-seated race issues
Urban artistry
Published March 29, 2016
Comics artist Ben Katchor on city living, urban sprawl, and art as activism
Published Spring 2016
I once convinced Sidney Mintz to cook Thanksgiving dinner for me. In August. / Johns Hopkins Magazine