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Undergraduate research
Breathing easier
Published July 27, 2016 Video
Student team designs device that could help reduce deaths from battlefield injuries that block breathing
Biomedical engineering
Back in the game
Published July 27, 2016 Video
Novel controller allows video gamers to compete with their feet
Collaborative research
A different kind of operation
Published July 27, 2016
Laboratory for neurosurgery, biomedical engineering sparks new partnerships
Heart health
Assessing arrhythmia risk
Published July 27, 2016
Personalized virtual heart can predict the risk of sudden cardiac death
Healthcare design
Sinus solution
Published July 27, 2016
Student team wins design competition with device to treat chronic sinus inflammation
Global health
Putting cancer on ice
Published July 27, 2016
Student team develops reusable cryotherapy device to help treat breast cancer in rural South Africa
Values and Ventures
Hopkins BME students place third
Published July 27, 2016
Team wins $10,000 at national business plan competition with humanitarian focus
Design Day
Medtech design showcase
Published July 27, 2016
Student Healthcare Design Competition will recognize biomedical design projects
Biomedical research
JHU, MedImmune launch PhD training program
Published July 27, 2016
University, biopharmaceutical company partner to prepare students for careers in biomedical workforce
Digital innovation
Thought exercise
Published July 27, 2016 Video
Man moves individual fingers on prosthetic arm using only his mind