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Consumer behavior
Quantifying the 'cool factor'
Published June 20, 2016
Computational model measures consumer choices in terms not only of price and usefulness, but also network effects
Health and economics
How the recession weighed on children
Published June 3, 2016
Study links unemployment during economic downturn with weight gain in California schoolchildren / School of Public Health
What I've Learned
The changing American family
Published April 26, 2016
A conversation with JHU sociologist Andrew Cherlin, who specializes in the study of marriage

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Johns Hopkins foreign policy experts weigh in on Brexit vote
Published June 24, 2016
Political upheaval of this scale has not occurred since the end of World War II, one expert says
Nanjing Center
Milestone anniversary
Published June 22, 2016
Hopkins-Nanjing Center marks 30 years of 'improbable' academic, cultural partnership
30 years at the forefront
Published June 16, 2016
Trailblazing Hopkins-Nanjing Center celebrates anniversary
Responding to Orlando
Published June 15, 2016
Hopkins community grapples with shootings at Pulse nightclub, seeks healing
What's next?
Gathering storms for public health
Published June 10, 2016
Authors discuss pandemics, mental illness in prisons, and social justice movements at Bloomberg School event
Jeffrey P. Kahn to direct Berman Institute
Published June 8, 2016
He replaces Ruth Faden, the institute's founding director who spent 20 years in the role
Fight the bite
Mosquito misgivings
Published June 8, 2016
Florida residents oppose use of genetically modified mosquitoes to curb population
Social innovation
Changing Baltimore's trajectory
Published June 7, 2016
Daniels discusses social innovation, JHU's community efforts at White House event
What's next for public health?
Published June 6, 2016
Bloomberg School invites four writers for discussion of big issues, including pandemics, mental health, social justice
The blaze that still burns
Published Summer 2016
The School of Medicine's Blaze of Glory class goes on humanitarian trip to Cuba / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Zika virus
Misinformation, amplified
Published May 24, 2016
Social media conspiracy theories could undermine efforts to combat Zika virus, experts caution
Behavioral science
Misconduct's silver lining
Published May 24, 2016
Study: Deviant behavior can have the unexpected benefit of causing non-deviants to work harder
Berman Institute program wins $4M grant
Published May 23, 2016
Funding will support continued study of the complex implications of genomic research / Berman Institute of Bioethics
Sound safety measures?
Published May 16, 2016
Study finds that common hospital safety measures are often misleading / Hopkins Medicine
Daniels talks innovation at Milken conference
Published May 10, 2016 Video
President takes part in panel discussion on how universities can contribute to regional economic development
A time for change
Conversation to action
Published May 5, 2016
Final Redlining Baltimore event examines window of opportunity created by new leaders, invigorated activism
Food fixes
Published May 4, 2016 Video
New documentary explores alternative ways communities around the U.S. access fresh food
Race in America
'Nobody is free until we are all free'
Published April 28, 2016
Activist Bree Newsome discusses grassroots organizing and why she tore down the Confederate flag in South Carolina
Race in America
Activist Bree Newsome returns to Hopkins
Published April 25, 2016 Video
Woman who brought down Confederate flag in S.C. speaks Wednesday at Shriver Hall
Redlining Baltimore
Focus on wealth disparities
Published April 21, 2016
Panelists discuss barriers to economic inclusion in Baltimore
A portrait of young lives in 'the other America'
Published April 19, 2016
Sociologists DeLuca, Edin take in-depth look at disparate paths of Baltimore youth in 'Coming of Age in the Other America'
Staff profile
Faith and Ferguson
Published April 19, 2016
Asher Kolieboi, JHU's first-year assistant chaplain, expores the intersection of faith and social justice
Redlining Baltimore
Tale of two Baltimores
Published April 14, 2016
Public health experts examine roots of city health disparities
Safety net loss?
Study: Tax prep chains target low-income filers
Published April 14, 2016
Researchers find 'clear relationship' between Earned Income Tax Credit filers in a ZIP code and area's saturation of tax preparation chains
New institute for the humanities established
Published April 11, 2016
$10M gift is largest ever to support humanities research, education at JHU