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Health care
Hidden costs and 'surprise' bills
Published Jan 17, 2017
Study: Medical costs for some specialists and in certain regions of U.S. are up to six times higher than what Medicare pays
Public health
Scholarship opportunity for displaced Syrians
Published Jan 17, 2017
Center for Humanitarian Health will provide two displaced students full scholarships to Bloomberg School's Master of Public Health program
Gap year
Medical device design program
Published Jan 17, 2017
In first program of its kind, med students learn about biomedical design, translation
The science is clear: Vaccines are safe, effective
Published Jan 17, 2017
Public health expert Daniel Salmon discusses vaccine safety and the potential hazards posed by fewer children being vaccinated
Prescription drugs
The 'moral imperative' of treating opioid withdrawal
Published Jan 17, 2017
After harrowing experience with painkillers, Hopkins bioethicist says doctors must do more to help patients through withdrawal