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Public health
Toxic metals found in e-cigarette liquids
Published Feb 19, 2017
Researchers suspect heating coil in 'cig-a-like' devices may release carcinogens including nickel, lead, cadmium / School of Public Health
Who eats when food is scarce?
Published Feb 19, 2017
Analysis of food deprivation in three cities shows teens in poor families often go hungry before young children
Center for Health Security receives $16M grant
Published Feb 19, 2017
Three-year award will focus on strengthening understanding of—and response to—serious biological risks
Drug use
Cocaine and unsafe sex
Published Feb 19, 2017
School of Medicine study affirms that cocaine makes users more likely to risk unsafe sexual behavior / Hopkins Medicine
Patient safety
Hopkins to share surgical care protocols with 750 hospitals
Published Feb 19, 2017
Armstrong Institute receives multimillion dollar grant aimed at improving patient safety, overall experience / Hopkins Medicine