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Faculty honors
Geneticist wins Lasker Award
Published Sept 28, 2016
Gregg Semenza recognized with one of the most prestigious awards in science for his discovery of how cells sense oxygen
Heart health
A healing light?
Published Sept 28, 2016 Video
In lab test, researchers stop lethal heart arrhythmias with gentle light—not harsh electric shocks
Global health
Jhpiego expands HIV prevention strategy in Kenya
Published Sept 28, 2016
Jhpiego receives $22.3M for project that provides daily pill that could prevent spread of HIV among vulnerable populations

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Staying healthy
A guide to cold and flu season
Published Sept 28, 2016
Experts answer common questions about the common cold (and flu) to help get you through the aches, pains, and sniffles / Johns Hopkins Health Review
Global health
Designed to save lives
Published Sept 28, 2016
Students in CBID program create medical devices to solve clinical problems in U.S., abroad
Environmental health
A prelude to Flint
Published Sept 28, 2016
Failure to learn lessons a decade earlier led to Flint water crisis, scientist Marc Edwards says
BSPH part of study on environmental influences on child health
Published Sept 28, 2016
Bloomberg School receives $95M NIH grant to analyze data for new initiative
Sports medicine
Why women are more prone to ACL injuries
Published Sept 28, 2016
Researchers find new evidence of link between testosterone, strength of knee ligament
Bloomberg gives $300M for public health initiative
Published Sept 28, 2016
Bloomberg American Health Initiative will focus on new approaches to drug addiction, obesity, gun violence, adolescent health, environmental threats
In memoriam
Philip Zieve dies at 84
Published Sept 28, 2016
Hematologist was instrumental in facilitating physical redevelopment of what is today Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
BSPH Centennial
'100 Objects That Shaped Public Health'
Published Sept 28, 2016
Bloomberg School presents list of 100 objects that—for better or worse—affected public health during the last century
Health care
Medical care markup
Published Sept 28, 2016
Study: Hospitals charge more than 20 times cost on some procedures to maximize revenue
Biomedical engineering
Forecasting arrhythmia
Published Fall 2016
A Johns Hopkins researcher works to better predict whether post–heart attack patients need a cardio defibrillator / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Public health
New book chronicles the history of global health interventions
Published Fall 2016
Randall Packard's new book chronicles the successes and failures of global health campaigns / Johns Hopkins Magazine
20/20 in the classroom
Published Fall 2016
To a striking degree, children's school performance—and how they feel and behave in class—is affected by vision / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Doctor guitar
Published Fall 2016
Musicians get hurt a lot: Paging Dr. Serap Bastepe-Gray / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Prescription for addiction
Published Fall 2016
Administered for pain, drugs like OxyContin have taken a massive toll / Johns Hopkins Magazine