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Bug off
A matter of taste
Published Oct 26, 2016
Changing 'flavor' of humans could help repel mosquitoes, fight malaria, scientists say / Hopkins Medicine
Patient safety
Superbug solutions
Published Oct 26, 2016
Armstrong Institute awarded $16M government contract to improve use of antibiotics
2 new NAM members
Published Oct 26, 2016
Rothman, Kahn among 79 elected to National Academy of Medicine for contributions to medical sciences, health care, public health

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The nature and nurture of human illness
Published Oct 26, 2016
Scientists seek better understanding of how genetic, environmental factors join forces to cause disease
Siebel Scholars
5 doctoral students honored
Published Oct 26, 2016
JHU engineering students win $35,000 grants for cutting edge research
Precision medicine
Effort aims to improve diagnosis, care, outcomes
Published Oct 26, 2016
Partnership between Hopkins Medicine, Applied Physics Laboratory will bring data analysis, systems engineering to health care
The changing face of nursing
Published Oct 26, 2016
School of Nursing flips the script on the public perception of nursing with new videos, write-in social media campaign
Mental health
A faster antidepressant?
Published Oct 26, 2016
Neuroscientists may have zeroed in on a compound that works like ketamine, but is safer and non-addictive / Johns Hopkins Health Review
Diagnostic breakthroughs meet FDA roadblocks
Published Oct 26, 2016
Bloomberg Distinguished Professor Steven Salzberg says regulations block improvements to DNA sequencing for diagnosing illness / Bloomberg View
Calcium supplements may not be heart healthy
Published Oct 26, 2016
Study: Calcium-rich diet could be beneficial for the heart, but supplements seem to increase the risk of plaque buildup in arteries and heart damage / Hopkins Medicine
Health policy
What's a single-payer plan?
Published Oct 26, 2016
SPH experts explain health insurance alternative mentioned during presidential debate
Cancer research
Center aims to shed light on how cancer spreads
Published Oct 26, 2016
Hopkins-led center, established with $9M National Cancer Institute grant, will try to unravel the biomechanics of metastasis
Global health
Field trips
Published Oct 26, 2016
Center for Global Health funds 52 field placements around the world for JHU students
Zika virus
New evidence links Zika, Guillain-Barré
Published Oct 26, 2016
Johns Hopkins neurologist collaborates with scientists in Colombia to document biological, viral association
20 years after ACHRE
Published Oct 26, 2016
Symposium explores ethical fallout of government-sponsored radiation experiments conducted on unsuspecting citizens
Cancer research
A chemotherapy alternative
Published Oct 26, 2016
Immunotherapy deploys the body's natural ability to fight cancer, could reduce toxic chemo treatments for children / Promise & Progress
Beta City
JHU startup takes top prize
Published Oct 26, 2016
Mobile health app Tissue Analytics, which tracks wound healing, wins Beta City startup pitch competition / The Baltimore Sun
Slowing Parkinson's spread
Published Oct 26, 2016
Drug already in clinical trials for other conditions slows disease progression in mice