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Mental illness
Infections, antibiotic use linked to manic episodes
Published July 25, 2016
Research suggests changes in microbiome could play role in ebb, flow of psychiatric symptoms / Hopkins Medicine
Environmental health
Fracking and asthma
Published July 25, 2016
Study: Proximity to active unconventional natural gas wells increases likelihood of asthma attacks
Improving on 'near perfection'
Published July 25, 2016
Johns Hopkins Hospital President Redonda Miller on ambition, her time at Hopkins, and her vision for the hospital

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Brain health
Cut calories, curb memory loss?
Published July 25, 2016
Fasting could help prevent neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, improve memory and mood / Johns Hopkins Health Review
Skin health
Staying protected in the sun
Published July 25, 2016
Many skin cancer patients still too likely to sunburn, may not use protective practices correctly, study finds / Hopkins Medicine
Stem cell research
Protein bolsters growth of damaged muscle tissue
Published July 25, 2016
Discovery could contribute to treatments for muscle degeneration caused by aging, diseases such as muscular dystrophy
HIV prevention
Jhpiego reaches 2 million in HIV prevention effort
Published July 25, 2016
Voluntary medical male circumcisions already performed in Africa could avert more than 50,000 HIV infections
Brain science
Free will in the brain
Published July 25, 2016 Video
JHU researchers glimpse the human brain making a purely voluntary decision to act
Study: HIV epidemic continues for men who have sex with men
Published July 25, 2016
Lack of access to preventive medicine, discriminatory laws contribute to disproportionately high HIV burden / School of Public Health
Flower power?
Magnolia tested as breast cancer treatment
Published July 25, 2016
A compound made from the tree's cones shows promise against tumors spurred by the leptin hormone
Tech ventures
From bench to business
Published July 25, 2016
JHU's Christy Wyskiel helps bring innovations out of the lab and into the marketplace / citybizlist
Bacteria and cancer risk
Published July 25, 2016
Normal bacterial colonies in human body linked to presence of mouth and throat cancer / Hopkins Medicine
Diet and nutrition
How fat becomes lethal, even without weight gain
Published July 25, 2016
Findings have potential to help scientists better understand a growing class of often fatal metabolic diseases / Hopkins Medicine
Cognitive science
Knowing vs. remembering
Published July 25, 2016 Video
How an artist, former pilot with amnesia defies conventional wisdom about memory
Ebola protection
Breathing easier
Published July 25, 2016
Mechanical engineering students develop prototypes for more comfortable hood and face mask, battery-powered system that lowers humidity
Some sickle cell patients on opioids report more pain
Published July 25, 2016
Study suggests long-term opioid treatment might not be answer for managing pain associated with disease / Hopkins Medicine
Cancer research
Kimmel Center joins research consortium
Published July 25, 2016
Four leading cancer centers aim to discover, develop new treatments with support from biopharmaceutical company Celgene
Mental health
Hopkins psychiatry launches online resources
Published July 25, 2016, mADAP teen depression app aim to help educate the public