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Mental health
Post-ICU blues
Published Aug 24, 2016
One in three former intensive care unit patients show symptoms of depression, study finds / Hopkins Medicine
Child safety
Toddlers most at risk for chemical eye burns
Published Aug 24, 2016
Injuries are frequently caused by common household cleaners, review of ER visits finds
DASH for kidney health
Published Aug 24, 2016
Popular diet known to lower blood pressure also good for kidneys, study suggests / School of Public Health

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Innovators under 35
WSE researcher honored
Published Aug 24, 2016
Muyinatu Bell, who mixes sound, light, and robotic technology to enhance medical imaging, recognized by 'MIT Technology Review'
In memoriam
'A giant in public health'
Published Aug 24, 2016
D.A. Henderson, former Bloomberg School of Public Health dean who led effort to eradicate smallpox, dies at 87
Maternal health
In Kenya, a different path
Published Aug 24, 2016
Jhpiego helps Nairobi youth set up small businesses, avoid crimes that target pregnant women / ONE
Public health
Chasing down Zika virus
Published Aug 24, 2016
Rising senior Lara Gaffney, captain of JHU's women's cross country team, helps Baltimore City Health Department's efforts to prevent mosquito-borne virus / The Baltimore Sun
Student scholar
'A door-opening opportunity'
Published Aug 24, 2016
Rising senior George Mwinnyaa, a public health studies major, earns coveted NIH Undergraduate Scholarship
Zika research
4 JHU teams win funding to combat Zika virus
Published Aug 24, 2016
Projects are among 21 selected for accelerated development in USAID Zika challenge
heart health
Taking the 'clinic' to the people
Published Aug 24, 2016
Researchers aim to eliminate racial differences in outcomes of blood pressure control programs / Hopkins Medicine
Public health behind bars
Published Aug 24, 2016
Study finds that prisons contribute to global health epidemics such as tuberculosis, hepatitis, HIV / The Baltimore Sun
Get up and go
Pandemic or prescription?
Published Aug 24, 2016
A public health perspective on the Pokémon Go gaming craze, which has tens of millions talking—and walking / Global Health NOW
Not your typical post-graduation trip
Published Aug 24, 2016
Recent graduate Laura Scavo travels to Liberia to see the Ebola protective suit she worked on in action
Cancer's first steps
Published Aug 24, 2016
Early stage sarcoma cells motivated to move in search of oxygen, study suggests
U.S. News rankings
Hopkins again among nation's top hospitals
Published Aug 24, 2016
JHH ranks No. 4 on publication's annual list, among top five in 10 specialty areas
Low-cost alternative?
Published Aug 24, 2016
Generic forms of biologic drugs can be just as safe, effective as name brand counterparts / School of Public Health
Biomedical engineering
Facing the future
Published Aug 24, 2016
Researcher Warren Grayson creates ready-to-implant plastic bones that grow into living tissue for facial reconstructive surgery / JHU Engineering magazine
Undergraduate research
Breathing easier
Published Aug 24, 2016 Video
Student team designs device that could help reduce deaths from battlefield injuries that block breathing