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Emergency medicine
Blood drops
Published Dec 8, 2016
Blood products unaffected during drone transport, Johns Hopkins study shows
Learning from the man known only as 'him'
Published Winter 2016
First-year medical students still rely on cadavers to learn anatomy / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Hallucinogen eases depression, anxiety in cancer patients
Published Dec 8, 2016
In small study, psilocybin, the active compound in 'magic mushrooms,' increased life satisfaction among patients with life-threatening cancer / Johns Hopkins Medicine

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Health equity
Cooper named 25th BDP
Published Dec 8, 2016
Health equity researcher plans to establish new institute, deepen ties with at-risk communities
Dangers of 'shock and kill'
Published Dec 8, 2016
HIV treatment strategy of awakening dormant virus could cause harmful brain inflammation / Hopkins Medicine
Drug treatment
Methadone underdose
Published Dec 8, 2016
Study finds connection between lower-than-recommended methadone doses, race of program directors / Carey Business School
Fad or staple?
Published Winter 2016
The moringa tree has been hailed as the latest and greatest superfood, but that may not be its true value / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Lost words
Published Winter 2016
From rehabilitation to research, Argye Hillis helps patients recover lost language / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Treating those ICU blues
Published Winter 2016
Johns Hopkins researchers found that a third of patients experience symptoms of depression after a stay in the ICU. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
It can get better
Published Winter 2016
Sports science
Signs of brain injuries seen in young NFL players
Published Dec 8, 2016
Findings add to mounting evidence of connection between concussions and the neurodegenerative disease CTE
Mental health
Suicide prevention strategies
Published Dec 8, 2016
Prevention efforts lead to 40% drop in suicides among White Mountain Apache tribe / School of Public Health
Health care
Value in collaboration
Published Dec 8, 2016
JHU's Malone Center for Engineering in Healthcare symposium brings together experts in biomedical engineering, computer science, health care
OK, nobody move
Published Dec 8, 2016 Video
Nursing students freeze in the ER, nursing simulation room as part of social media craze
Mental Health
Teen depression rises
Published Dec 8, 2016
Problematic cell phone use, including cyberbullying, may play a role, researchers speculate / Bloomberg School of Public Health
Cell biology
Nerve growth protein also control blood sugar
Published Dec 8, 2016
Finding could lead to treatments for type-2 diabetes, which affects nearly 1 in 10 Americans
Global health
$30M grant fuels air pollution study
Published Dec 8, 2016
Johns Hopkins receives $30M grant for study of cook stove fuels and their effects on maternal, infant health
Public health
Hopkins to expand Lyme disease research efforts
Published Dec 8, 2016
$10M gift supports existing research on post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome, new therapies, vulnerable populations / Hopkins Medicine