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Cancer research
Kimmel Center joins research consortium
Published June 22, 2016
Four leading cancer centers aim to discover, develop new treatments with support from biopharmaceutical company Celgene
Some sickle cell patients on opioids report more pain
Published June 22, 2016
Study suggests long-term opioid treatment might not be answer for managing pain associated with disease / Hopkins Medicine
Work and leisure
Combating the 'Cult of Busy'
Published June 14, 2016
'Johns Hopkins Health Review' provides helpful tips for finding balance when you have so much to do and so little time / Johns Hopkin Health Review

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Bacteria and cancer risk
Published June 29, 2016
Normal bacterial colonies in human body linked to presence of mouth and throat cancer / Hopkins Medicine
Diet and nutrition
How fat becomes lethal, even without weight gain
Published June 24, 2016
Findings have potential to help scientists better understand a growing class of often fatal metabolic diseases / Hopkins Medicine
Cognitive science
Knowing vs. remembering
Published June 22, 2016 Video
How an artist, former pilot with amnesia defies conventional wisdom about memory
Ebola protection
Breathing easier
Published June 22, 2016
Mechanical engineering students develop prototypes for more comfortable hood and face mask, battery-powered system that lowers humidity
Mental health
Hopkins psychiatry launches online resources
Published June 14, 2016, mADAP teen depression app aim to help educate the public
Health and humanity
Published June 10, 2016
Historian Karen Kruse Thomas covers half a century of the Bloomberg School of Public Health, from school leadership to contributions to public policy to it influence on health in Baltimore and beyond
What's next?
Gathering storms for public health
Published June 10, 2016
Authors discuss pandemics, mental illness in prisons, and social justice movements at Bloomberg School event
Cancer research
Test shows how fast brain cancer will spread
Published June 9, 2016
Researchers develop 'cell racetrack' to determine which brain cancer cells move fastest, pose biggest risk of spreading / Hopkins Medicine
Fight the bite
Mosquito misgivings
Published June 8, 2016
Florida residents oppose use of genetically modified mosquitoes to curb population
Dangerous smoke screen
Published June 7, 2016
Tobacco industry's delay on using new warning labels puts thousands of lives at risk, JHU expert writes / The New York Times
What's next for public health?
Published June 6, 2016
Bloomberg School invites four writers for discussion of big issues, including pandemics, mental health, social justice
Health and economics
How the recession weighed on children
Published June 3, 2016
Study links unemployment during economic downturn with weight gain in California schoolchildren / School of Public Health
Mental Health
The risks of undiagnosed dementia
Published June 2, 2016
Risk of unsafe activities rises in those without formal diagnosis, School of Medicine study finds / School of Medicine
Driven to binge
Published May 31, 2016
Researchers locate what could be brain's trigger for binge behavior
Bloomberg Professors
Michael Schatz named 21st BDP
Published May 26, 2016
He is one of the world's foremost experts in solving computational problems in genomics research
Breast Cancer
Healthy lifestyle can lower cancer risk
Published May 26, 2016
Women may be able to reduce their chances of getting breast cancer, even if they have genetic risk factors / School of Public Health
Collaborative research
A different kind of operation
Published May 25, 2016
Laboratory for neurosurgery, biomedical engineering sparks new partnerships
Might as well laugh
Published Summer 2016
For patients in tough situations, sometimes the best thing is cracking wise / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Zika virus
Misinformation, amplified
Published May 24, 2016
Social media conspiracy theories could undermine efforts to combat Zika virus, experts caution
Zika virus
Experts address need for Zika virus funding
Published May 24, 2016
Economic model developed at BSPH suggests cost of Zika infection in southern states could exceed $2B / The Baltimore Sun
Data diagnostics
Published May 23, 2016
Course challenges students to determine diagnoses, tailor health care without expensive testing
Berman Institute program wins $4M grant
Published May 23, 2016
Funding will support continued study of the complex implications of genomic research / Berman Institute of Bioethics
Hopkins ends use of live animals in medical training
Published May 19, 2016
School of Medicine to end use of live animals for surgical training
Sound safety measures?
Published May 16, 2016
Study finds that common hospital safety measures are often misleading / Hopkins Medicine
Redonda Miller named next president of The Johns Hopkins Hospital
Published May 12, 2016
She will succeed Ronald R. Peterson, becoming first woman to hold post in hospital's history