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Alumni, grad students named Soros Fellows
Published April 18, 2024
They are among 30 recipients of the fellowships, which honor immigrants and children of immigrants with exceptional potential to make a difference in their fields
A First-Year Friendship Lasts Forever
Published Spring 2024
They met first day of freshman year, fall 1975. Their memories of that initial encounter differ, but the outcome—an enduring friendship of 50 years—remains the same. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Seeing is believing
Published Spring 2024
Picture It Possible has become a respected consulting firm focused on visual strategy and facilitation / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A legacy of support
Published Spring 2024
For more than 30 years, the Robert K. Carr Fellowship has benefited generations of scholars at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Aligning Career with Culture
Published Spring 2024
Tyrone Peterson, BSPH '23 (MPH), is an infectious disease associate at NIHB and is dedicated to advancing public health policy and programming through research and community outreach initiatives in Indian Country / Johns Hopkins Magazine