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Traumatic brain injury

Playing defense against concussions
Published Winter 2023
JHU sophomore Carter Hogg founded a company to create a piece of protective equipment that reduces the risk of concussion / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Brain science
Brain scans of ex-NFL players show impact of collision sports
Published Nov 29, 2023
Hopkins Medicine adds to growing stack of evidence that collision sports involving repeated blows to the head may lead to dementia and other forms of cognitive disorders
Walking a leashed dog associated with risk of traumatic brain injury
Published April 26, 2023
Finger fracture, traumatic brain injury, and shoulder sprain or strain among common injuries related to leash-dependent dog walking
Johns Hopkins researchers search for a cure for coma
Published Fall 2022
Researchers at Johns Hopkins and elsewhere aim for better diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes for a condition that still mystifies. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Bloomberg Distinguished Professor
Traumatic brain injury expert returns to Hopkins Nursing
Published Sept 28, 2021
Jess Gill studies biomarkers to try to understand why some recover well from traumatic brain injuries while others cope with lasting effects on their physical and mental health
Senior awarded Gates Cambridge Scholarship
Published Feb 13, 2020
Shubhayu Bhattacharyay will pursue a PhD in clinical neuroscience at Cambridge and work on the development of AI systems to visualize data for those suffering from traumatic brain injuries
Lasting impact
Published Spring 2017
JHU psychiatrist examines brains of NFL athletes who have suffered concussions, finding molecular changes that last decades after trauma / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Sports science
Signs of brain injuries seen in young NFL players
Published Nov 29, 2016
Findings add to mounting evidence of connection between concussions and the neurodegenerative disease CTE