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Supply chain

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Supply chains could feel ripple effects from bridge collapse
Published March 26, 2024
Operations management expert Tinglong Dai discusses the impact of the collapse for consumers, suppliers, and the economy
New lab tackles net-zero supply chains and industrial policy
Published Sept 18, 2023
JHU's Net-Zero Industrial Policy Lab aims to find solutions that can eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from modern supply chains
Supply chain issues spike shoppers' demands
Published Nov 1, 2021
A maxed-out, inflexible transportation system is to blame for higher prices and a lack of variety on store shelves, says Tinglong Dai of the Carey Business School
Food systems
The tumultuous year of the fish
Published Summer 2021
New research examines the jolt to the seafood supply chain caused by COVID-19—and how we might build resilience in the future / Johns Hopkins Magazine