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SNF Agora Institute names 11 Visiting Fellows
Published May 11, 2021
The new cohort will collaborate with members of the Johns Hopkins community on projects that further the institute's mission to foster global democracy
Health policy
Surveys find strong support for COVID-19 mitigation measures over time
Published March 23, 2021
Large differences were seen by age, beliefs, and political affiliation and among those who trust science and those who do not
SNF Agora Institute invites applicants for Visiting Fellows Program
Published Jan 19, 2021
Diverse cohort sought to collaborate with the institute's permanent faculty on research, teaching, organizing conferences, and more
Forum brings together experts and the public for discussion of Capitol insurrection
Published Jan 12, 2021
SNF Agora Institute online forum provides expert answers to questions surrounding the impact, implications, and legacy of the attack on the U.S. Capitol
Revised design unveiled for SNF Agora Institute building
Published Dec 8, 2020
Modified plans bolster connectivity, both within the building and to nearby spaces on the Homewood campus and within the community
We must find the socialized strangers
Published Nov 3, 2020
Adam Seth Levine, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Agora Institute associate professor of health policy and management, discusses why overcoming our differences is so critical to self-governance
SNF Agora Institute
How race is shaping the 2020 election
Published Nov 2, 2020
Scholars discuss the evolution of the Black Lives Matter movement, Donald Trump's political maneuvering, and historical precedents that shaped America
U.S. policy
More U.S. adults report wanting the government to play a larger role in society
Published Oct 30, 2020
More adults supported health, unemployment, and income-related policies in April 2020 than did in September 2019
SNF Agora Institute
Disinformation 2020
Published Oct 5, 2020
SNF Agora Institute explores how information can be manipulated and confused in the current political landscape as part of election conversation series
SNF Agora Institute announces new faculty hires
Published Aug 11, 2020
Henry Farrell, Martha S. Jones, Adam Seth Levine, and Bryce Corrigan join the SNF Agora Institute as new faculty and lecturers