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What we learned from the midterms
Published Nov 11, 2022
Scholars from the SNF Agora Institute at Johns Hopkins convened to discuss the influence of factors such as 'Dobbs,' the war in Ukraine, and the specter of the 2024 presidential race on this year's midterm elections
On the frontlines of dissent
Published Oct 7, 2022
Zimbabwean activist Evan Mawarire, first dissident in residence at SNF Agora, speaks Oct. 11 on the Homewood campus
SNF Agora Institute
SNF Agora Institute welcomes new cohort of Visiting Fellows
Published May 20, 2022
The new fellows, including the first Dissident in Residence, will explore social media algorithms, political corruption, campus discourse, Black voter mobilization, and other topics
Nancy Pelosi and Ron Daniels discuss role of institutions in democracy
Published March 23, 2022
The speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives joined Johns Hopkins University's president for a wide-ranging virtual discussion as part of the Elijah E. Cummings Democracy and Freedom Festival
SNF Agora Institute launches debate initiative
Published March 1, 2022
The initiative will host a pair of marquee moderated debates and support a number of additional student-organized debates each year
Ukraine is now the front line in the global struggle for democracy
Published Feb 24, 2022
What happens next in Ukraine has implications for democracy's survival worldwide, say SNF Agora Institute faculty members Anne Applebaum and Yascha Mounk
JHU to launch multidisciplinary Center for Economy and Society
Published Feb 16, 2022
The center, part of the university's SNF Agora Institute, will be dedicated to reimagining the relationships among markets, governments, and citizens
Intersession course lifts up dissident voices
Published Jan 27, 2022
Course led by chess champion and human rights advocate Garry Kasparov gives voice to those who risk their lives to promote democracy
Democracy's future: Our responsibility
Published Winter 2021
In a new book, JHU President Ron Daniels argues that universities—including Johns Hopkins— have a pivotal role to play in order for democracy to thrive. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Hahrie Han named Schwab Foundation Social Innovation Thought Leader
Published Jan 18, 2022
SNF Agora Institute director recognized for her research on how to make social movements and organizing effective in revitalizing democracy