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science of learning institute

Science of Learning
What learning research looks like
Published Aug 19, 2017
About 150 educators take part in first-ever Science in Action Day at Johns Hopkins
STEM Education
Making room for spatial learning
Published Aug 19, 2017
Science of Learning Institute pilot program will introduce spatial learning—a factor in STEM success—into third-grade curriculum
Neuroscience of fun
Lighten up, it's good for you
Published Summer 2016
Scientists explain the tricky, vague, and elusive neuroscience of fun / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Brain gain
Learning how we learn
Published Aug 19, 2017
Scientists, educators gather at JHU to discuss cutting-edge research on human learning
Brain training
How Pavlov's bell makes dogs drool
Published Aug 19, 2017
Research team studies mouse brain cells to understand relationship between stimuli, delayed rewards
Brain teasers
A lot to learn about learning
Published Fall 2013
Researchers from across the university have banded together to understand how our brains learn. What does that mean? / Johns Hopkins Magazine