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School of public health

Interdisciplinary health
Elizabeth Selvin named director of the Welch Center
Published May 30, 2024
Selvin has devoted her career to leading translational research projects designed to evaluate and improve screening, diagnosis, and patient care for persons with diabetes
Malaria research
Geneticist Jane Carlton named Bloomberg Distinguished Professor
Published May 28, 2024
Carlton uses tools of comparative genomics to study the biology and evolution of different species of parasites, with the goal of eradicating malaria
Aligning Career with Culture
Published Spring 2024
Tyrone Peterson, BSPH '23 (MPH), is an infectious disease associate at NIHB and is dedicated to advancing public health policy and programming through research and community outreach initiatives in Indian Country / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Environmental health
Order up for cleaner kitchen air
Published Dec 7, 2023
A research team that included a JHU air-quality expert has developed a new method for better estimating potential exposure to cooking-related emissions during stir-frying
Environmental Health
Turning waste into watts
Published Dec 7, 2023
Study led by Hopkins environmental engineers suggests that anaerobic digestion could be used to clean cattle manure and produce fuel
Disability Research
STEM PhDs with disabilities are underpaid, underrepresented
Published Nov 27, 2023
New research from the Disability Health Research Center reveals significant pay disparities among STEM PhD holders across all employment sectors
Hopkins in D.C.
Leading health policy scholar joins JHU
Published Nov 16, 2023
Melinda Buntin, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Health Policy and Economics, will lead a newly established Center for Health Systems and Policy Modeling
COVID-19 pandemic enters its most serious phase in U.S.
Published Nov 19, 2020
Amid record surges of the coronavirus, Johns Hopkins public health experts advise hunkering down to save lives in the months ahead
Published Fall 2020
Injury prevention pioneer Sue Baker and her late husband, Tim, a fellow School of Public Health alum and professor, have made supporting students a part of their legacy / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Pitching in with contact tracing
Published May 5, 2020
Volunteers from the Bloomberg School of Public Health are pitching in with contact tracing in Baltimore and the state of Maryland, while planning a new Coursera class