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public health

Child development
Gender stereotypes begin at age 10
Published Sept 25, 2018
Around the world, children receive similar stereotype-reinforcing messages that girls are weak and boys are tough, study finds
Preventing overdoses
In opioid crisis, language matters
Published Sept 25, 2018
Public support increases when opioid 'safe consumption sites' are called 'overdose prevention sites'
Child development
U.S. states vary widely in identifying childhood delays, study finds
Published Sept 25, 2018
In lowest performing state, only 17 percent of children receive screening designed to catch developmental delays
Opioid epidemic
Public support remains low for needle exchanges, safe injection sites
Published Sept 25, 2018
Despite growing concerns over the opioid epidemic, majority of Americans don't support proven harm-reduction programs, study finds
Global health
Fewer malaria nets, lower costs, more protection
Published Sept 25, 2018
Center for Communication Programs distributes insecticide-treated bed nets to schoolchildren to supplement regular distribution campaigns
Humanitarian hackathon for Gaza
Published Sept 25, 2018
Design challenge teams in Baltimore and the Gaza Strip use enhanced audiovisual technology to collaborate, innovate
Virginia Apgar gets a Google doodle
Published Sept 25, 2018
Hopkins alum developed the Apgar Score, an assessment that has helped save countless newborn babies around the world
Alum named Gates Cambridge Scholar
Published Sept 25, 2018
Samuel Kebede, a 2015 JHU graduate, will spend a year studying public health at University of Cambridge
Race in America
Public health crises in Puerto Rico
Published Sept 25, 2018
March 27 panel discussion will examine island's public health needs following devastation caused by Hurricane Maria
A public health love story
Published Sept 25, 2018
Bloomberg School alums travel the world to improve the health of people in need—with two toddlers in tow