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Public health

What's happening with dairy cows and bird flu?
Published April 15, 2024
Though the virus is circulating in dairy cows, human exposure remains low, Johns Hopkins public health experts say
Public health
New playbook for addressing health misinformation
Published March 6, 2024
The guide offers a hands-on approach to help public health practitioners, medical professionals, and health communicators recognize and respond to health-related rumors and misinformation
Gun violence
What the conviction of a school shooter's parent could mean
Published March 1, 2024
Recent conviction of Michigan mother underscores role of safe storage and Child Access Protection laws in preventing gun violence, Hopkins expert says
Public health discourse takes center stage
Published Feb 20, 2024
Dramatic readings from Henrik Ibsen's 1882 play 'An Enemy of the People' will pair with guided discussions during two performances in D.C. this week
Unreliable mass transit and public health
Published Jan 19, 2024
Missed doctor appointments, school tardiness, air pollution—Hopkins expert Megan Latshaw unpacks a new CDC report
Public health
New name for Gates Institute
Published Oct 25, 2023
The newly renamed William H. Gates Sr. Institute for Population and Reproductive Health also unveiled new strategic priorities synthesizing five interconnected global programs with its cross-cutting gender equity work
Global health
Jhpiego's Leslie Mancuso receives Academy of Public Health honor
Published Oct 20, 2023
She is among eight recognized by the Nigeria-based organization for 'exceptional leadership, scholarship, and service in the field of public health'
Could your house make you sick?
Published Fall 2023
Johns Hopkins experts weigh in on pressing questions about health and safety indoors / Johns Hopkins Magazine
University News
Jane Carlton joins malaria research institute as director
Published Aug 18, 2023
Carlton is recognized for her collaborative efforts with researchers and clinicians working in global public health to transfer her research from the lab to the field
The science and safety of marijuana
Published July 10, 2023
Experimental psychologist Ryan Vandrey discusses the science and safety of recreational cannabis on the heels of legalization in Maryland