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Peabody library

Public humanities transcends barriers
Published Dec 19, 2023
An emerging field, the public humanities is raising awareness about social justice issues and leading to meaningful collaborations between Johns Hopkins University and local communities
Illuminating the weird
Published Summer 2016 Photos
A peek at some of the strangest items in the George Peabody Library / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Dusty job
Cleaning, by the book
Published Jan 13, 2015 Photos
George Peabody Library, home to more than 300,000 volumes, gets annual deep cleaning
Rare books on the brain
Published Nov 2013
New Peabody Library exhibition 'The Dawn of Neurosurgery' chronicles birth, evolution of surgical specialization / Gazette
Illuminating Manuscript
Published Spring 2012
A rare 15th-century illuminated manuscript in the Peabody Library's collection was presumed lost for decades; and then it mysteriously turned up in the mail / Johns Hopkins Magazine