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In memoriam
John Barth, prolific author and revered mentor, dies at 93
Published April 2, 2024
Barth, a JHU graduate who later taught at his alma mater for more than two decades, was known for his postmodernist, unpredictable fiction and his exacting, generous teaching
In memoriam
Richard E. McCarty dies at 85
Published March 29, 2024
McCarty was a central figure in advances in the understanding of photosynthesis and photosynthetic energy conversion
In memoriam
Black Studies scholar Shani Mott dies at 47
Published March 14, 2024
Mott, a lecturer in the Center for Africana Studies and Department of History, joined JHU's faculty in 2008
In memoriam
Historian Richard A. Goldthwaite dies at 90
Published March 7, 2024
Goldthwaite devoted his career to the cultural, social, and political impacts of Renaissance Florence's economic activities
In memoriam
Atmospheric scientist Richard S. Stolarski dies at 82
Published Feb 27, 2024
Stolarski's role in the discovery of the ozone hole set the stage for managing its repair—one of the greatest successes in environmental protection
In memoriam
Anthropologist Jane Guyer dies at 80
Published Jan 22, 2024
A specialist in economic transformations in West Africa, Guyer was celebrated for her theoretical discourse as well as the 'forward motion' she inspired among scholars and her devoted students
In memoriam
Jerome Schneewind dies at 93
Published Jan 9, 2024
Schneewind was best known for his innovative research on the history of ethics, authoring and editing influential articles and volumes that stand as definitive works
In memoriam
J.G.A. Pocock dies at 99
Published Dec 18, 2023
Considered one of the great historians of his generation, Pocock wove philosophy, political science, and history into a program in political and moral thought that Hopkins is known for today
In memoriam
Estelle Fishbein, JHU's first general counsel, dies at 89
Published Dec 7, 2023
Former VP was a trailblazer for lawyers in higher ed, served as the first female president of the National Association of College and University Attorneys
In memoriam
Planetary scientist George W. Fisher dies at 86
Published Dec 5, 2023
Fisher produced a definitive summary of southern and central Appalachian geology, and later studied how humans can live within the limits of Earth's system