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Faculty honors
Two awarded Guggenheim Fellowships
Published April 11, 2024
Jenann Ismael, Marc Kamionkowski among 188 scholars honored for prior career achievement, exceptional promise
Rare 'Hophenge' solar event
Published April 9, 2024
On the evening of the solar eclipse, the Hopkins community enjoyed a second celestial event: "Hophenge," when the sun perfectly aligned with the Gilman Hall spire
New Jersey earthquake makes waves in Baltimore
Published April 5, 2024
A seismometer on the Homewood campus picked up Friday's earthquake, says Earth and Planetary Sciences Professor Benjamin Fernando
In memoriam
Richard E. McCarty dies at 85
Published March 29, 2024
McCarty was a central figure in advances in the understanding of photosynthesis and photosynthetic energy conversion
Cherry tree trailblazer
Published March 21, 2024
Alumna biographer Diana Parsell discovers Eliza Scidmore, the forgotten heroine behind Washington's celebrated cherry trees
In memoriam
Historian Richard A. Goldthwaite dies at 90
Published March 7, 2024
Goldthwaite devoted his career to the cultural, social, and political impacts of Renaissance Florence's economic activities
Materials science
Liquid crystals could revolutionize robots of the future
Published March 4, 2024
Robots, cameras could be made of liquid crystals, thanks to a new discovery that significantly expands the potential of the chemicals already common in computer displays
Animal cognition
Apes remember friends they haven't seen for decades
Published Dec 18, 2023
Study finds the longest lasting non-human social memories ever documented
Art as a pathway to planetary science
Published Winter 2023
New book by Sabine Stanley makes planetary science accessible to readers while inspiring textile artists from around the world / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Student experience
Sparking the imagination
Published June 5, 2023
From the journey of the earthworm to signs of racial inequity, the Krieger School's First-Year Seminars cover a range of topics that inspire new college students