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Johns hopkins medicine

Scientists pinpoint key to evolution of bird flight
Published Feb 6, 2024
By pairing PET scans of modern pigeons with studies of dinosaur fossils, scientists learn why some vertebrates fly
Exploring sex-specific features of HIV
Published Feb 6, 2024
Johns Hopkins researcher Eileen Scully advocates for including sex as a biological variable in preclinical and clinical trials
More sickle cell patients could benefit from transplant
Published Dec 12, 2023
"Half-matched" bone marrow transplants can cure sickle cell disease in 88% of patients
Brain science
Brain scans of ex-NFL players show impact of collision sports
Published Nov 29, 2023
Hopkins Medicine adds to growing stack of evidence that collision sports involving repeated blows to the head may lead to dementia and other forms of cognitive disorders
Pickens Foundation gives $20M to Wilmer Eye Institute
Published Aug 7, 2023
Gift from foundation established by late philanthropist will support vision-saving research, professorships
New study reveals set of brain regions that control complex sequences of movement
Published May 13, 2023
A new study in mice highlights areas of their brains that control complex movements. The findings could be used to target those regions in humans and restore motor function caused by injury or illness
Dean Rothman retires after a decade of 'leading the change'
Published July 15, 2022
Paul B. Rothman, dean of the medical faculty at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, retired at the end of June following 10 years—to the day—of leadership
Women's health
U.S. infertility rate plateaus
Published June 21, 2022
A new analysis of data shows a plateau in infertility rates, but also shows disparities for women of color and for women with less access to health care, highlighting the need for continued work in public health services
Health research
'Nanobodies' from llamas could yield targeted treatment methods for humans
Published May 13, 2022
Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers found that nanobodies from sharks, llamas, and camels could be used to deliver targeted treatments to the heart
Johns Hopkins helps deliver $4M in medical supplies to Ukraine
Published March 9, 2022
Johns Hopkins Medicine, University of Maryland Medical System partnership will help ensure emergency care for civilians, military personnel during the ongoing violence