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Interdisciplinary research

How people feel about living in Baltimore
Published Dec 5, 2023
Inaugural survey by Johns Hopkins 21st Century Cities Initiative benchmarks sentiments and experiences across Baltimore
Research funding
Discovery Awards received by 35 interdisciplinary research teams
Published May 8, 2023
Winning projects—chosen from 191 proposals—include 115 individuals from across the university
Johns Hopkins grants 35 teams Discovery Awards
Published May 23, 2022
Winning interdisciplinary projects, chosen from a record 199 proposals, include 105 individuals from across the university
SNF Agora Institute
SNF Agora Institute welcomes new cohort of Visiting Fellows
Published May 20, 2022
The new fellows, including the first Dissident in Residence, will explore social media algorithms, political corruption, campus discourse, Black voter mobilization, and other topics
Hopkins researchers meet 'the urgency of this moment'
Published April 21, 2020
The university has launched an ambitious, wide-ranging, interdisciplinary research effort to tackle the many challenges presented by COVID-19
Discovery Awards
32 research teams receive funding
Published June 14, 2019
Winning interdisciplinary project teams—chosen from a record 222 proposals—include 120 individuals from across the university
30 research teams receive Discovery Awards
Published June 11, 2018
Winning projects—chosen from 190 proposals—include 108 individuals from across the university
$50M gift from UAE will transform stroke research, care
Published Feb 1, 2018 Video
Sheikh Khalifa Stroke Institute at Hopkins will bring together experts in neurology, rehabilitation, biomedical engineering, patient safety
Global health
Diverse perspectives, common goals
Published Oct 27, 2017
Alliance for a Healthier World hosts interdisciplinary networking event at George Peabody Library
Interdisciplinary research
26 teams receive Discovery Awards
Published June 29, 2017
Winning projects—chosen from 188 proposals—include 86 individuals representing 9 Hopkins schools, affiliates