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Diversity Leadership Council celebrates inclusion efforts across the university
Published May 18, 2023
The 20th anniversary of the Diversity Recognition Awards honors individuals and groups who are committed to fostering inclusive workplaces and scholarship
A great fit for Hopkins community
Published March 30, 2023
Homewood's new Gender Affirming Closet offers free clothing, accessories, makeup, and resources to support gender identity expression and exploration
Workshop encourages students to explore diversity and identity
Published Dec 22, 2022
A workshop for first-year and transfer Hopkins students allows for the exploration of diversity, inclusion, and identity in the context of their new college experiences
Health Care
Finding solutions for Native Americans in need of end-of-life care
Published Nov 30, 2022
Graduate students are finding business solutions to honor Native American culture and traditions during end-of-life care
Performing Arts
Equity in opera
Published Fall 2021
IN Series opera company, led by a Peabody alum, launches the Cardwell Dawson Residency Program for singers of color / Johns Hopkins Magazine