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Understanding genetic architecture
Published Sept 20, 2018
Method for identifying how different traits and diseases are influenced by genetics could lead to better-designed studies, researchers say
From bench to bedside and back
Published Summer 2018
Neuroscientist Richard Huganir studies a genetic mutation that contributes to intellectual disability / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Spider sense
Mysteries of the web
Published Sept 20, 2018 Video
Researchers aim to determine how spiders are able to build webs from spatial memory
Optimizing a cutting-edge technology
Published Sept 20, 2018
What's the best way to edit genes with CRISPR? Scientists propose 'rules' to improve consistency, efficiency
Revising the genome
Published Winter 2017
CRISPR lets scientists edit our genetic source code. This is going to be interesting. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Genetic disorders
Heart failure reversed in Marfan mice
Published Sept 20, 2018
Study: Increasing stress on Marfan hearts—even at levels well-tolerated in other hearts—can initiate heart failure
Complete wheat
Bread wheat breakthrough
Published Sept 20, 2018
Johns Hopkins researchers part of small team that solved complex genome puzzle / Nature
Human genome
How genetic differences contribute to disease
Published Sept 20, 2018
In largest study of its kind, Johns Hopkins scientists help show link between genetic expression and molecular changes within body tissues
Trunk science
What's in a giant tree?
Published Sept 20, 2018
Johns Hopkins joins collaborative effort to sequence redwood, sequoia genomes
Mental Health
Genetically altered mice display traits of bipolar disorder
Published Sept 20, 2018
Study may improve understanding of how genes linked to bipolar risk change neural circuits in the brain / Hopkins Medicine