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Machine learning method can improve genetic risk assessments for non-white populations
Published Oct 2, 2023
Researchers have developed a scalable AI-based approach that makes use of genetic studies that include people of different ethnic backgrounds and could one day help address health disparities
Missing piece in human genome decoded
Published Aug 23, 2023
Chromosome associated with male development fully sequenced by a team of more than 100 researchers around the world
How a worm's embryonic cells changed its development potential
Published April 7, 2023
The findings, which upend classical thinking about animal cell differentiation, could shed light on mutations linked to human diseases
In Memoriam
Genetic medicine pioneer Barbara Migeon dies at 91
Published Feb 9, 2023
Migeon, the sixth woman to reach the rank of professor at the School of Medicine, remembered for dedication to education, influential research
Protein power
Study probes the relationship between genetics, proteins, and disease risk
Published May 11, 2022
A groundbreaking collaborative study led by Johns Hopkins researchers has uncovered novel insights into genetic determinants of health and generated data that could lead to a better understanding of racial health disparities
Giants of the genome field
Published Spring 2022
Bert Vogelstein and Ken Kinzler continue their decadeslong search for cancer's elusive cure / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Large-scale bovine vaccine study reveals the role of genetics in immune response
Published April 22, 2022
In largest personalized immunogenetics study to date, computer scientist Yana Safonova discovers the DNA sequences that control vaccine response in cows, opening the door for further immunogenetics research in humans
Uncovering the secrets of a model plant genome
Published Nov 15, 2021
Results have implications for understanding human genes, says Michael Schatz, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and Biology
Researchers partner with industry to create better gene therapy tools
Published July 15, 2021
A team from the Institute for NanoBioTechnology has streamlined the creation of new viral vectors for delivering gene therapy to patients
Andrew Holland receives President's Frontier Award
Published Feb 15, 2021 Video
The $250,000 Johns Hopkins award recognizes scholars who are on the cusp of becoming leaders in their fields