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21st Century Cities
How Baltimore can help businesses prosper
Published Oct 18, 2017
New report from 21st Century Cities Initiative examines how funding in Baltimore affects small businesses, economic growth
Summer Gigs
A 'Frankenstein' freelance summer
Published Oct 18, 2017
Pava LaPere, a member of the Class of 2019, learns to juggle professional and personal responsibilities—all while wearing sweatpants
Student startup
Med school admissions, made simpler
Published Oct 18, 2017
Three recent JHU grads who got into top med schools launch venture to show others how it's done
Global health
Helping hospitals go digital
Published Oct 18, 2017
OneMedical, founded by WSE alum and Nigeria native Adegoke Olubusi, among 15 finalists in Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge
Where startups get started
Published Oct 18, 2017 Photos
Johns Hopkins' 23,000-square-foot FastForward 1812 space in East Baltimore features offices, labs, communal workspaces
'Baby box' creator wins $25K startup prize
Published Oct 18, 2017
10 startups, including eight with JHU connections, wrap up participation in six-month Social Innovation Lab accelerator
Building better business networks
Published Oct 18, 2017
Hatch 2017 conference brings together Baltimore business leaders, current and former Blue Jays
The CEO who learned to ask
Published Spring 2017
Q&A with David Narrow, who, at 26, ha already founded two medical technology companies / Johns Hopkins Magazine
'30 Under 30'
All-Star alum
Published Oct 18, 2017
Hopkins alum Dan Teran recognized as a notable past 'Forbes' honoree for his startup, Managed by Q
Pedal play
Published Winter 2016 Video
After losing his hands to meningitis, student Gyorgy Levay devises a way to play video games—with his feet / Johns Hopkins Magazine