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Disability health research center

Disability Research
STEM PhDs with disabilities are underpaid, underrepresented
Published Nov 27, 2023
New research from the Disability Health Research Center reveals significant pay disparities among STEM PhD holders across all employment sectors
Congressional briefing
Experts urge inclusion for people with disabilities
Published July 25, 2023
JHU Congressional Briefing panelists explain how policymakers can improve support and drive progress in research and care
Events explore underrepresentation of people with disabilities in STEM
Published June 26, 2023
Four from Hopkins participate in discussions highlighting the importance and value of embracing inclusive practices to drive scientific progress, discovery
Dashboard expands to include accessibility rankings of state vaccine websites
Published April 6, 2021
The rankings are the newest tool included in the Johns Hopkins Disability Research Center's COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard
Vaccine equity
Johns Hopkins launches vaccine prioritization dashboard for people with disabilities
Published Feb 16, 2021
Tool compares how states prioritize people with disabilities in their vaccine rollout plans, helps people with disabilities determine when they qualify for shots