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Could the Democrats choose a new presidential candidate?
Published July 16, 2024
In a 'New York Times' essay, Johns Hopkins political scientist Daniel Schlozman explains how the Democratic Party's charter allows for changing candidates
SNF Agora Institute organizes bipartisan condemnation of political violence
Published July 15, 2024
Signatories also demand less violent rhetoric before election
SNF Agora announces cohort of visiting fellows
Published May 17, 2024
The incoming cohort of public officials, creators, entrepreneurs, scholars, and nonprofit leaders will engage with issues around civic education and elections during the 2024-25 academic year
An up-close look at pro-democracy conservatives
Published April 1, 2024
In contrast to those who reject the results of the 2020 election, nearly a third of Republicans accept the results, trust institutions, and appreciate diverse political perspectives
Birds aren't real*
Published Feb 7, 2024
How a nonsensical protest sign sparked a movement that shed light on how conspiracies grow and spread
Unequal civic opportunity in the U.S.
Published Nov 13, 2023
Civic opportunity decreases as poverty levels increase, according to researchers at Johns Hopkins University's SNF Agora Institute
The decline of the American dream
Published Nov 9, 2023
In conversation with JHU President Ron Daniels, Leonhardt explores factors preventing many Americans from prospering
New conservative principles for building trust in elections
Published Nov 8, 2023
Principles released with new Gallup poll that shows wide partisan gaps in electoral confidence
Report: Political violence imperils U.S. democracy
Published Nov 7, 2023
Experts from around the globe express concern for the future of U.S. electoral processes
Election Day 2023
Senior seeks spot on school board
Published Nov 6, 2023
If elected on Nov. 7, Jaime Martinez would become the youngest school board member in the history of Pennsylvania's North Allegheny School District.