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Data science

Data science
University makes major investment in data science, artificial intelligence
Published Aug 3, 2023
A new institute will bring together experts from a wide range of disciplines to capitalize on the rapidly emerging potential of data to fuel discovery
Artificial intelligence
AI's boundless promise—and potential dangers
Published May 22, 2023
Leading artificial intelligence experts grapple with complexities, opportunities that AI and data science bring to higher education
Workshop aids understanding of structural racism
Published Jan 18, 2023
Event explores how data science, machine learning can help our understanding of the effects of structural racism on health outcomes
Big data
Meeting of the MINDS
Published Nov 2, 2017
New Mathematical Institute for Data Science aims to better understand the inner workings of big data analysis
Online program in data science launches
Published Sept 8, 2016
New master's program will train engineering professionals to meet a growing demand for statisticians