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Computer science

Artificial intelligence
AI could help close tax loopholes
Published April 6, 2023
Tech and law experts created Shelter Check—software that could solve a billion-dollar problem
New cloud-based platform opens genomics data to all
Published Jan 12, 2022
Johns Hopkins-led project allows worldwide scientific collaboration for studies of human genetics and health
Computer Science
The limitations of AI-generated text
Published Nov 22, 2021
Capabilities of autoregressive AI models will always be limited by their inability to reason like humans, says PhD candidate Chu-Cheng Lin
Computer science
Web tool simulates COVID-19 spread in small towns
Published Aug 12, 2021
Interactive online platform allows users to simulate how different public health measures might affect COVID-19 infection outcomes in a typical Midwestern town of about 6,000 people
Big data
What's in a name? MARCC becomes ARCH, turbocharging Hopkins high-performance computing
Published Aug 2, 2021
The computing center gets a new name and expanded mission that will enhance resource sharing to drive data-intensive computational discoveries
Technology education
Workshop series to provide resources for underrepresented students interested in computer science
Published April 20, 2021
The first workshop, held Monday, April 26, will feature Hopkins engineers, industry experts, computer scientists, and researchers discussing topics in computing ranging from theoretical computer science to machine learning
Computer science students create customizable search engine technology for young learners
Published April 13, 2021
The Searchin' search engine tailors results by reading levels that users assign
Computer Science
Dog training methods help JHU teach robots to learn new tricks
Published Oct 26, 2020 Video
Through the kind of positive reinforcement used to train dogs, a robot named Spot was able to learn a new task far faster than usual
Study confirms rise in demand for unproven, unsafe COVID-19 treatments
Published April 30, 2020
Comments by President Trump, tech entrepreneur Elon Musk correlate to massive increase in searches for chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine
Social media and COVID-19
Published March 27, 2020
Mark Dredze discusses how social media can help support messaging from public health organizations and combat the spread of misinformation during the COVID-19 pandemic