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Climate change

Environmental health
California leads U.S. emissions of little-known greenhouse gas
Published April 3, 2024
The state emits more of the common pesticide sulfuryl fluoride than the rest of country combined, a JHU study finds
Planetary health
New institute aims to safeguard human health on a changing planet
Published April 2, 2024
Institute for Planetary Health will bridge multiple disciplines to address how changes to Earth's environment are affecting human health
Climate policy
Samantha Power urges major investments in climate resilience
Published Jan 30, 2024
During an address at the Hopkins Bloomberg Center, the USAID administrator said the world is moving far too slowly to address changes in our climate and discussed how we can all be part of the solution
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The road ahead after COP28
Published Dec 18, 2023
The U.N. summit's climate pact is a step in the right direction, but much more is needed, Hopkins expert Benjamin Link says
Climate change in black and white
Published Oct 9, 2023
Documentary co-produced by SNF Agora Institute visiting fellow Rona Kobell explores the nexus of climate change and historic racism
Environmental health
Wildfires likely to grow more common on East Coast, experts predict
Published June 12, 2023
Hopkins scholars discuss the harmful effects of smoke from the Canadian wildfires and how residents can protect themselves and prepare for next time
How AI can help combat climate change
Published March 7, 2023
Hopkins AI expert Jim Bellingham discusses potential uses of AI to track and mitigate the effects of climate change ahead of a March 15 presentation at the South by Southwest Conference
Defending Baltimore against climate change
Published Feb 15, 2023
A new partnership between Baltimore researchers and community organizations, led by Johns Hopkins University, has received funding to advance understanding of environmental conditions at the neighborhood level and prioritize environmental justice
Understanding the UN report on ozone layer recovery
Published Jan 31, 2023
Assistant professor Scot Miller offers insight on the United Nations' most recent assessment of the Montreal Protocol, which offers good news on the restoration of the ozone layer
After Supreme Court EPA ruling, regulatory patchwork remains
Published Aug 23, 2022
A lack of unified national regulation will not only slow the Biden administration's goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but will also slow business investments and innovation, according to climate policy expert Paul Ferraro