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climate change

Algae: here, there, and everywhere
Published Summer 2019
In 'Slime,' author Ruth Kassinger gives life-sustaining, omnipresent—and sometimes villainous—algae their long overdue star turn / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Climate change
China fails to curb coal mine emissions
Published Jan 29, 2019
Despite tough regulations on coal mine emissions, methane levels increased each year from 2010 to 2015, study finds
New climate report 'an immediate call to action'
Published Nov 28, 2018
Environmental engineer Ben Hobbs discusses the newly released National Climate Assessment report
Climate change, superstorms, and civil engineering
Published Sept 13, 2018
Two Hopkins engineers discuss the critical importance of shoring up America's infrastructure to protect from storms like Florence
Microbes go dark to stay warm in cooler climates
Published Aug 2, 2018
Microbes and fungi that darken when in colder climates have better survival and may be an important variable in modeling climate change, researchers find
JHU to divest holdings in thermal coal
Published Dec 12, 2017
Board votes to eliminate investments in fossil fuel that contributes more climate-changing greenhouse gases per unit of electricity than any other
Global warming's disproportionate impact
Published Nov 6, 2017
Effects of climate change likely to be more deadly in poor, urban African settlements
Al Gore: Students can play 'huge part' in today's climate movement
Published Oct 27, 2017
Students watch follow-up to 'An Inconvenient Truth,' participate in live Q&A with former vice president
What Irma tells us about future hurricanes
Published Sept 8, 2017 Video
Climate modeler Anand Gnanadesikan forecasts hurricanes will become less common, more intense
Public health
3 proposals earn BAHI seed grants
Published Aug 10, 2017
Bloomberg American Health Initiative support projects addressing climate change, sexual assault