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climate change

What Irma tells us about future hurricanes
Published Sept 22, 2017 Video
Climate modeler Anand Gnanadesikan forecasts hurricanes will become less common, more intense
Public health
3 proposals earn BAHI seed grants
Published Sept 22, 2017
Bloomberg American Health Initiative support projects addressing climate change, sexual assault
Climate science
Breathing easier
Published Sept 22, 2017
Project launched by JHU grad student records Baltimore air quality data for use by researchers, policymakers
Climate change
Hopkins reaffirms commitment to tenets of Paris accord
Published Sept 22, 2017
In statement, JHU's Daniels and 11 other university presidents say 'concerted action' needed on climate change
Sweeping impacts of Paris accord withdrawal
Published Sept 22, 2017
Faculty experts analyze what the move means for the world's poor, national security, and foreign relations
Expert: 'Unimaginable' impact from EPA cuts
Published Sept 22, 2017
School of Public Health's Tom Burke served as EPA science adviser, deputy assistant administrator
The free market and climate science
Published Sept 22, 2017
BDP Paul Ferraro argues that people who believe in the free market should also believe in man-made climate change / Bloomberg View
Environmental health
Scientists wary of coming climate policy shift
Published Sept 22, 2017
Experts discuss what Trump's global warming skepticism, pledge to revive coal mean for environmental, public health
Baby, it's hot outside
Published Sept 22, 2017
Bioethicist Travis Rieder discusses the morality of having children in the age of global warming / NPR
Marine ecology
Canaries in cold seas
Published Spring 2016
One-millimeter mollusks could hold clues to the health of oceans / Johns Hopkins Magazine