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Center for talented youth

Center for Talented Youth
A summer of learning and fun
Published Aug 18, 2023
After years of pandemic closures, the Center for Talented Youth built back this summer with robust programming at eight sites in Baltimore, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, New York, and California
K-12 Education
Baltimore students celebrate the end of the year with CTY
Published June 6, 2023
Students and their families attended a celebration on the Homewood campus marking the end of a fruitful year of academic exploration through the Baltimore Emerging Scholars Program
Novelty is essential to keeping bright learners engaged this summer
Published May 23, 2023
Recent research from the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth finds that advanced learners are engaged by new academic content and novel learning approaches
Amy Shelton named next CTY director
Published Sept 14, 2022
Shelton, an expert in cognitive psychology and a Hopkins faculty member since 2002, previously served as CTY's interim director from 2019-2020
CTY director discusses equity in education, support for advanced learners
Published Feb 4, 2022
Virginia Roach explores how her career, personal experiences have shaped her approach to equity during episode of The Caring Economy podcast
Center for Talented Youth
CTY's new social justice courses empower students to spark change
Published Aug 23, 2021
The curriculum for academically advanced pre-college learners is part of an overarching antiracism initiative launched by the center
Center for Talented Youth
Virtual CTY courses foster teamwork, social connections
Published Feb 18, 2021
New CTY offerings aim to give kids the camaraderie they are missing while school and extracurricular activities are put on hold during COVID-19
Online learning
Center for Talented Youth enrollment skyrockets after school closures
Published Aug 20, 2020
Enrollment in CTY's Online Programs has more than doubled since schools closed due to COVID-19, and vital in-person programs have been adapted for dynamic virtual learning
A targeted talent search
Published Spring 2020
Leaders from JHU's Center for Talented Youth rethink the one-size-fits-all approach to identifying academically advanced students / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Gifted education
Jonathan Plucker named president of National Association for Gifted Children
Published Nov 18, 2019
An expert in education policy and talent development, he will set the organization's priorities and programs to support academically advanced students