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Brain science

Bat signals
Brain science, unleashed
Published April 10, 2018 Video
Wireless devices record brain activity of bats, helping researchers better understand what happens in the brain as we move through the world
It's a 'g' thing
Which is a real letter?
Published April 3, 2018 Video
Most people are unaware of the two versions of g, a finding researchers say suggests the important role writing plays in learning letters
Brain science
How we can tell trash from treasure
Published Feb 8, 2018
The brain can assign value to an object in less than a tenth of a second—roughly the same amount of time it takes to recognize an object
Mind of a medalist
Quick thinking
Published Feb 6, 2018 Video
For Olympic athletes, world-class brain power often separates the best from the rest
Science of Learning
Research gap analysis
Published Jan 18, 2018
Science of Learning symposium brings together experts from diverse range of fields
Perceptual learning
Shorter breaks, better learning
Published Dec 18, 2017
Research suggests that for certain types of learning, success depends on the length of breaks during practice
Why we can't always stop what we've started
Published Dec 7, 2017
It takes a lightning-fast interaction among several areas in the brain to stop, reverse, or otherwise change a plan already in progress, neuroscientists find
Mmmmm chocolate
Junk food science
Published Oct 26, 2017 Video
Food has the power to sneak in and grab our attention—especially junk food, study finds
Mental exercise
Training for your brain
Published Oct 17, 2017 Video
Hopkins researchers identify specific exercise that boosts memory, attention
Science of Learning
Six proposals get seed funding
Published Sept 14, 2017
Science of Learning Institute supports cross-disciplinary projects that aim to further our understanding of how humans learn