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Biomedical engineering

Student life
TikTok tutor racks up thousands of followers around the world
Published March 2, 2021
Hopkins senior Ben Straus shares homework help and study tips through TikTok videos and a Discord server
Johns Hopkins engineer joins call to fund Black scientists
Published Jan 26, 2021
Muyinatu Bell co-authors commentary with women colleagues from institutions across the U.S. to shine light on funding disparities
Student life
There's no workspace like home
Published Jan 11, 2021
Christopher Shallal, Parker Treadway, and Mark Shifman have converted their pingpong table room into the manufacturing laboratory of their dreams, complete with metal-working stations, 3D printers, and electronics cabinets
The future of face masks
Published Dec 22, 2020
Student engineering team wins $250,000 for adaptable surgical mask design in XPRIZE competition
Fighting COVID-19: Using ultraviolet light to decontaminate CT scanners
Published Dec 7, 2020
CT scans are vital to imaging lung diseases including COVID-19, but disinfecting the machines between use is time consuming. One team of researchers may have landed on a solution.
Biomedical engineering
JHU undergrads named finalists in global mask design challenge
Published Dec 3, 2020
The team, Polair, is in the running for the XPRIZE for their adaptable face mask design that includes N95 and anti-fogging clear mask attachments
Student team develops ventilator alternative for COVID-19 patients
Published Nov 11, 2020
Their leak-proof mask design could be used with common CPAP machines to support the treatment of COVID-19 patients
Cross-disciplinary team will design, develop devices to better treat spinal cord injuries
Published Nov 11, 2020
Funded through the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the project will bring together experts from across Johns Hopkins to create solutions that work on the battlefield and on the frontlines of health care
ClearMask makes and sells 11 million masks internationally
Published Oct 19, 2020
With FDA clearance, maximum barrier protection, and supply chain advantages, the business founded by Johns Hopkins alumni improves the standard of care for patients around the world
Faculty news
Synthetic biologist wins prestigious Packard Fellowship
Published Oct 15, 2020
Reza Kalhor, an assistant professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, edits the genetic code to enable cells to record their own growth—a key to unlocking the origins of developmental abnormalities