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Biomedical engineering

Course offers study of emerging field
Published April 25, 2023
A new course, designed by Deok-Ho Kim, focuses on microphysiological systems, which are used to study human disease, drug development, and precision medicine
Student Success
Stuck on Tastee Tape
Published Nov 10, 2022
When four Hopkins students presented their Design Day product, they didn't expect the media to pick it up and give it viral attention. Months later, the students are alumnae, and the future of the product is bright.
Hopkins, Howard partner to develop tech for neuro disorders
Published Sept 27, 2022
Both universities are partnering to create solutions for neurological conditions.
A crash course in the life of a biomedical engineer
Published Sept 14, 2022
The Immersive Summer Program for Education, Enrichment, and Distinction in Biomedical Engineering introduces high school students to school and career pathways in biomedical engineering
Viral treatments
New platform could make gene medicine delivery easier and more affordable
Published Aug 23, 2022
A new platform designed by Hopkins researchers, in partnership with the University of Washington, shows promise in the sped up design of lipid nanoparticles to deliver treatments that prevent viral infections
Engineering for good
Device makes 'daddy duty' easier for new father
Published June 27, 2022
A team of student volunteers designed and created a wheelchair platform that allows a father to connect with his infant son face-to-face
Johns Hopkins graduate students create a lymphedema detection sensor
Published April 28, 2022
Device detects fluid buildup in tissue and alerts patients and their doctors, potentially preventing thousands of cancer patients from developing the debilitating condition
Deciphering our DNA
Published March 31, 2022
Johns Hopkins team contributes key research to the effort to produce the first complete sequence of human genome, which will provide a clearer picture of how DNA affects the risks of diseases and how genes are expressed and regulated
Intersession 2022
Lab-grown meat, fungus-based ice cream
Published Feb 1, 2022
Food of the Future course led by Franklyn Hall explores the new range of meats, milks, and cheeses developed using cellular manipulation and emerging technology
Faculty awards
Alexis Battle and Sarah Hörst receive President's Frontier Awards
Published Jan 26, 2022
In a surprise move this year, the university recognizes two faculty members with the full award; each will receive $250,000 to support their groundbreaking research