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biomedical engineering

Undergraduate research
Student team develops tool for use in brain surgeries
Published Nov 15, 2018
Team's device, Radiex, holds back cortical tissue during surgery; they will present their design this week at Collegiate Inventors Competition
JHU collaboration promotes STEM diversity
Published Nov 13, 2018
ASPIRE program, supported by $2.46M grant from NIH, provides professional development opportunities for engineering, medicine, and biology PhDs
Heart health
Getting to the heart of cardiac arrhythmia
Published Sept 12, 2018
Computer models help physicians better identify heart tissue to target during cardiac ablation, a procedure to correct irregular heartbeats
Solving the code problem for custom makers
Published Fall 2018
Alex Mathews and Param Shah are changing how custom manufacturers operate their businesses / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Medicine makes 'big bet' on basic science
Published Aug 23, 2018
$100M investment over five years aimed at unraveling the mysteries of biology
Graduate education
JHU partners with Tsinghua for new engineering graduate program
Published Aug 15, 2018
Partnership combines JHU's top-rated biomedical engineering program with the world's No. 1 engineering school
Biomedical engineering
Bringing a human touch to prosthetics
Published June 20, 2018
When layered on top of prosthetic hands, e-dermis device brings back a real sense of touch through the fingertips
Biomedical engineering
Students take 2nd in national competition
Published June 18, 2018
PneumoNIX team develops approach to reduce risk of collapsed lung during lung biopsy
Biomedical engineering
Medicine's problem-solvers
Published May 23, 2018
Biomedical engineering program empowers undergrads to develop real-world solutions for improving patient care
Biomedical engineering
Souped-up walker helps get pediatric ICU patients back on their feet
Published May 2, 2018
The AmbuMate could help ailing children out of bed—and the hospital—faster