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biomedical engineering

Design Day
Student engineers perfect their pitches
Published June 28, 2017 Video
In annual year-end Design Day showcase, students present their research, projects, and prototypes
Winning idea for eye surgery
Published June 28, 2017
Treyetech team, made up of 8 undergrads, develops novel device for transplanting, unrolling corneal tissue
Biomedical research
3 recognized for research that improves children's health
Published June 28, 2017
Samuel M. Alaish, Jill A. Fahrner, Ho Lam Tang among 12 to receive Hartwell Foundation awards
Inspired design
Published June 28, 2017
Students win contest with inverted umbrella that deploys with the flip of a switch to help keep wheelchair users dry
Faculty honors
Nine selected for AIMBE College of Fellows
Published June 28, 2017
Members are considered among the top two percent of the country's medical and biological engineers
Biomedical engineering
DNA inspector gadget
Published June 28, 2017
New open source gene sequencing software could aid in early detection, treatment of cancer
Brain science
Ultrasound delivery
Published June 28, 2017
In rat experiment, sound waves trigger release of drugs encased in nanoparticles 'cages' in brain / Hopkins Medicine
Gap year
Medical device design program
Published June 28, 2017
In first program of its kind, med students learn about biomedical design, translation
Undergrad research
JHU team takes bronze
Published June 28, 2017
Students place third at Collegiate Inventors Competition with low-cost cryotherapy system to treat breast cancer
Biomedical engineering
A stand-up CT machine
Published June 28, 2017
Weight-bearing scanner gives doctors a way to see bone breaks that may have gone undetected