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biomedical engineering

Computer modeling
Hopkins excels in processing department
Published Nov 19, 2017
MARCC's 22,000 processors save researchers money they would otherwise spend building their own computing centers
Biomedical engineering
Funding NeMo
Published Nov 19, 2017
Hopkins researchers win $100K grant from Gates Foundation for their lifesaving baby monitoring device
Free fallin' for data
First-semester rush
Published Nov 19, 2017 Video
First-year Biomedical Engineering students measure how a roller coaster ride affects heart rate and blood flow
Undergraduate research
JHU 2nd at Collegiate Inventors Competition
Published Nov 19, 2017
Undergraduate students developed AssistENT, a device designed to open obstructed nostrils and aid sleep
Complete wheat
Bread wheat breakthrough
Published Nov 19, 2017
Johns Hopkins researchers part of small team that solved complex genome puzzle / Nature
Smart data
A digital 'Sherlock Holmes'
Published Nov 19, 2017
Hopkins-led team receives $11M grant to build system that can extract useful information from video footage, photos, and other material
BME 2.0
Engineering the future of medicine
Published Nov 19, 2017 Video
JHU's Michael Miller details vision for new era of biomedical engineering
Ping-Pong problem-solving
Published Nov 19, 2017 Video
First-year biomedical engineering students (plus a T. rex) tackle design challenge
Undergraduate research
Obstruction reduction
Published Nov 19, 2017
Hopkins student team reaches finals of Collegiate Inventors Competition with device that helps open obstructed nostrils and curb snoring
Trunk science
What's in a giant tree?
Published Nov 19, 2017
Johns Hopkins joins collaborative effort to sequence redwood, sequoia genomes