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The brain's 'black box'
Published May 29, 2017
Study identifies protein that maintains, protects adult neurons responsible for learning, memory
Zebrafish pedagogy
Published Winter 2016
Cell biology
Nerve growth protein also control blood sugar
Published May 29, 2017
Finding could lead to treatments for type-2 diabetes, which affects nearly 1 in 10 Americans
Computer science
A giant leap for genome sequencing
Published May 29, 2017
JHU's Michael Schatz leads work on new computer algorithms that create more complete DNA portraits
Interdisciplinary scholar
Carl Wu named 23rd BDP
Published May 29, 2017
Renowned expert on chromatin biology, biochemistry will establish new lab to investigate chromatin structure, gene regulation
Stem cell research
Protein bolsters growth of damaged muscle tissue
Published May 29, 2017
Discovery could contribute to treatments for muscle degeneration caused by aging, diseases such as muscular dystrophy
Faculty honors
Biologist named finalist for award for young scientists
Published May 29, 2017
Xin Chen among 31 up for Blavatnik National Awards for Young Scientists
Computer science
Computer scientists honored
Published May 29, 2017
Alexis Battle, Ben Langmead recognized for significant applications in biology, life sciences
Why you can't stop checking your phone
Published Spring 2016
Neuroscientists are probing the brain to figure out what happens when we lose focus / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Organ dysfunction and Down syndrome
Published May 29, 2017
Inhibited nerve development linked to health complications in people with Down syndrome