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Who would benefit from the bipartisan tax bill?
Published Feb 2, 2024
If passed, a new tax package would convey the most significant benefits to low-income families, Hopkins economist Robert Moffitt explains
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The road ahead after COP28
Published Dec 18, 2023
The U.N. summit's climate pact is a step in the right direction, but much more is needed, Hopkins expert Benjamin Link says
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Offshore wind project headwinds threaten Biden's clean energy goals
Published Nov 6, 2023
Structural engineer Ben Schafer says that despite recent cancellation of two major projects, the future remains bright for offshore wind energy
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New executive order regulating artificial intelligence
Published Nov 2, 2023
Johns Hopkins cybersecurity expert Anton Dahbura discusses the sweeping order meant to harness the potential—and anticipate the risks—of artificial intelligence
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Taming inflation in the U.S.
Published Oct 11, 2023
Economist Laurence Ball discusses the Fed's next move and whether it can achieve the sought-after 'soft landing'
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NIH adds people with disabilities to health disparity research
Published Oct 2, 2023
As a newly designated 'health disparity population,' people with disabilities will be included in more research related to health inequities
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EPA eliminates wetlands protections
Published Sept 1, 2023
As much as half of the nation's wetlands were recently removed from federal regulations that protected them from pollution, JHU expert Ciaran Harman says
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Medicare drug price negotiations
Published Aug 31, 2023
Medicare beneficiaries will get transparent drug prices for the first time in history, explains Johns Hopkins expert Mariana Socal
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OTC birth control pill approved by FDA
Published July 13, 2023
The ruling has the potential to reduce barriers and increase equity in access to contraception—if it is affordable, says Johns Hopkins expert Carolyn Sufrin