Jennifer Billock ("A Short [or Tall] History of the Espresso Bar," p. 32) is an award-winning writer, bestselling author, and writing coach. She is currently dreaming of an around-the-world trip with her Boston terrier.

Marshall Clarke ("Crazy Legs Is Still Hungry," photography, p. 56) is a freelance photographer and native of Baltimore. He specializes in editorial and documentary photography and loves to travel, bike, and create art with his niece and nephew when he is not behind the camera.

Sarah Kuta ("How Will We Feed the Future and Save the Planet?" p. 22) is a writer and editor based in Longmont, Colorado. She covers food and drink, economics, sustainability, travel, history, and many other topics for magazines and newspapers.

Joe Magee ("How Will We Feed the Future and Save the Planet?" illustration, p. 22) is an artist, illustrator, and filmmaker living in Stroud, England. Among his clients is The Guardian, to which he has contributed more than 800 images over the past 25 years.

Chloe Niclas ("Hope Sprouts Eternal," illustration, p. 34) is an illustrator from Baltimore who is fascinated by all things unexplainable and bizarre. Her work has appeared in Texas Monthly, The Wall Street Journal, Harper's Magazine, and more.

Ashley Stimpson ("Hope Sprouts Eternal," p. 34) is a freelance writer based in Maryland. Her work has appeared in The Guardian, Popular Mechanics, Wired, Nat Geo Travel, and elsewhere.

On the cover

An illustration of a person eating ramen on the cover of Johns Hopkins Magazine

Image credit: Illustration: Emans

Italian Brazilian illustrator Emans created this issue's delectably colorful cover art, a bite-size preview of the stories in our specially themed food issue. His artwork "mixes imaginary worlds and anthropomorphic characters to tell the complexity of the human experience," according to his website.