Book cover for 'Spark' by Timothy Jorgensen

Review: 'Spark' by Timothy Jorgensen

In Spark: The Life of Electricity and the Electricity of Life, Timothy Jorgensen, Med '84 (PhD), presents a buzzy journey through the history of electricity with an emphasis on its intersection with biology. And curious tidbits abound. Everyone knows Ben Franklin was an electrical pioneer—and Jorgensen explains what that kite-in-a-storm stunt was really about—but did you know Ben's favorite use for juice was electrocuting turkeys? The narrative bobs and weaves through tales you'd expect (the AC/DC wars) and ones you might not (an entire chapter on zombies), with diversions on electrolysis, electric chairs, and Elon Musk. It's a fascinating and readable journey with the author slipping in folksy first-person anecdotes along the way.